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posted by Robin_Love
“No way! Cassie was lying!”
Artemis growled in anger. She had been scanning the security cameras (she'd seen Robin hack them a few dozen times) and was disturbed par what she saw. And now that she thought about it, Cassie had been attempting to get the Superboy's attention. And Artemis was mad!
“I can't believe this! Becca, you've got good senses.”
Artemis walked down the halls, trying to find the others. She eventually found them sitting in the living room. The guys were listening to Cassie talk while Megan baked in the kitchen. Becca sat at the counter, silently fuming. Artemis joined the two girls.
“You were righ Becca! Cassie attacked you.”
“Thanks. Tell that to them!”
Becca jerked her head towards the others before turning away.
“She disgusts me!”
“Same,” Artemis admitted.
“I wish she would go die in a black hole!”
Both Becca and Artemis froze. Sweet, innocent Megan had, for the fist time EVER, wished a horrible death on a person. Megan never did that! But after a minute, Becca smiled.
“You've got some feu in toi after all! Good girl!”
Artemis smirked, lightly slapping the back of her friend's ebony covered head.
“She means you're a lot plus fierce than we thought.”
“I know. But Cassie just won't stop. No matter what I do.”
“Don't worry Megan,” Becca supported. “We won't let her get away with anymore.”
“I'm going to download the video I found so I can montrer it to the others,” Artemis said.
Becca and Megan watched, disgusted par the way the guys were hanging on Cassie's every word.
Both looked up at Artemis, whose face was drawn in panic.
“What?” Megan asked.
“The video. It's just-gone!”
“How? That's not possible unless somebody deleted it!”
“Who could have deleted it?”
Becca looked over at Cassie. Her keen eyes found one of Robin's gant lying on the table. Cassie must have worn it, deleted the video, and taken it off.
“Cassie,” she announced, a growl in her throat.
“That little-! I'm gonna KILL her!” Artemis raged.
“I'll help you,” Becca volunteered.
“Not me.”
“Why not Meg?”
Megan didn't answer but both followed her line of sight. Cassie was laughing at something and had put a hand on Connor's shoulder. Becca and Artemis looked back at their friend and saw the unmistakable tears appear. Megan flew out of the room.
All eyes went to the two girls, but they were too busy following Megan to notice.
Miss Martian B05 Artemis B07 Shade B06

Megan sat in the pouring rain, her salty tears running down her already wet face.
She turned her head. Becca and Artemis; they had followed her out. They each sat on either side of her. Megan shuddered and Becca handed her veste over. Artemis herself looked freezing but neither moved. Megan accepted the veste and put it around herself.
“Megan please don't cry.”
It was Becca's voice. But it sounded sad and worried; something Becca usually wasn't.
“Why'd she have to go after Connor? My Connor!”
“Cassie's a blonde,” Artemis answered. “We l’amour to start jealous rivalries. And she's obviously scared of Becca. Otherwise, she would have finished that fight without screaming.”
“Besides, Connor has plus feelings for toi than toi know. And even if Cassie tries something completely stupid, which I expect, Artemis and I will be there to stop her. And protect you.”
Megan smiled a little, head resting against Becca's shoulder.
“Thanks. toi two are the best.”
“We know.”
Megan gave a small chuckle and curled closer to her friend. She mewed happily, hands stroking her hair comfortingly. Artemis stretched her legs over Megan's, leaning back on her hands.
“I wish it would stop raining,” Artemis grumbled.
“I kinda like it,” Megan admitted. “It draws a certain beauty out of the Earth. What about toi Becca?”
“I'm scared of it.”
“My dad died on a rainy night. As did my mom. My sister cashed me in the rain storms. I've grown to fear it. And the storms plus than the water.”
“I'm sorry,” Megan apologized in a whisper.
“It's not your fault. But I think we need to get out of the rain. And I know just the place.”
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
: Megan was in the cuisine baking when she saw someone come in that was wearing green, black, and sunglasses. She recognized that. She gasped, it was. Artemis, just Artemis. Megan had recognized the glasses. She had a memory that was trying to come out but for some reason it wouldn’t. She decided to do some mediation. She floated to her room. She stayed there meditating. Then she felt something nagging at her, something to remember. Her minds eye saw something, a trail of some sort. It was a green mist. She followed it floating out of her room. The trail led to the training room. The Green...
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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part VI
Wayne Manor was huge. At least, the mansion was. People dressed for the occasion, either carrying ou wearing various masks, streamed into the front door. Most wore dark colors, as Nic and I did, while others wore vibrant pigments, leaving rainbows in their paths.
Nic and I followed the river of people through the mansion. We exited the hallways onto a balcony.
Two curved staircases led down to the dance floor. There people mingled, holding glasses of champaign and various wines. A few held plates of finger-foods and other hors d'oeuvres. The constant chatter and clicking of heels...
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Chapter One- "Assassin"

Sam never saw it coming.

He had ten calmly walking towards the school when the first shot had been fired. A .50 Caliber grazed his neck. Immediately all of the students on the campus ducked for cover.

Sam colombe behind a pillar and quickly took off his veste to reveal the infamous crimson dagger beneath.

This time, the assassin never saw it coming. The dagger flew through the air and impaled itself in the barrel of her sniper rifle. The assassin saw the dagger and leaped for cover as it exploded.

A moment later, Revenge had grabbed her and swung to the nearest building. Before...
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This is my 1st fanfic ever! I hope toi like it!
Her breathes were gasps as she raced through the near abandoned streets of Gotham City. The rain soaked her clothes; the puddles splashed as she ran through them. The pack on her back felt heavy as she cut through an alley. A man exiting a bar cursed as she passed, nearly knocking his drunk cul, ass to the ground. plus curses followed as her persuers rushed pass him.
They were gaining much too quickly for her liking. She could have easily out run them if it wasn't for the STUPID pack! She considered ditching it in the gutter, but dismissed the idea....
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posted by Skittles98
Not mine! This article is Property of Bat-dove on

Wally's not the most populaire guy. Not in school, not on the team, not as a hero, not anywhere. So what happens when he is suddenly swarmed par people?

'Ah face book,' Wally thought to himself, 'One of the most ridiculous yet useful things on the internet. It helped remind people of events that they were bound to forget, make Friends they may never meet, and start fights that might have never existed.'

He himself rarely used it. He had one, but it seemed like a waste of time. But if he had been on face book, he would've known not...
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Chapter One-

Aqualad thought it would be better if the Team divisé, split in half for the flight over. So Holly, Revenge, Artemis and Wally were on one plane while Robin, Megan, Connor, and Kaldur were on the other.

Holly had listened to every song on her iPod and watched every video she had downloaded. She was bored and there was three hours left in the flight. 

Artemis was asleep and Wally was drawing a moustache on her face. houx couldn't wait until Artemis woke up.

Holly glanced over at Sam, which she had recently discovered was Red Revenge's secret ID. He had his sunglasses on and his hat low on...
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Part 2-

Revenge looked at the dagger impaled in the metal board centimeters from his neck.

The girl stepped back shakily.

"Kill him toi insolent fool! Kill them!"

The girl took a shaky breath and picked up another dagger, she stepped back towards the hero again. She felt his eyes on her again. She raised the dagger slowly once more. Revenge looked at the girl and saw something he hadn't expected. 

Fear. The girl was terrified. She was terrified of what she had gotten herself into and couldn't back out.

"I got ya." Revenge whispered. 

The girl looked at him shakily. The dagger...
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posted by Skittles98
“Who are you?” I demanded, lifting Kalder’s un-moving body in my arms.
“My name is Tula. I’m a friend of Kalder” she said. I grinded my teeth at the pressure of my broken arm.
“Do toi need any help with him?” Tula asked as I carried him to the infirmary.
“My masters once told me to embrace pain, for it makes a stronger warrior” I a dit as I laid Kalder down on the bed. I clicked my comm. unit.
“Guys, get to the infirmary right now. It’s Kalder” I a dit quickly. A minute later, the team was standing with Kalder. I felt Wally’s hand rest on my shoulder. Even though he was...
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Artemis POV

I sat in the sand looking around me, Robin was sitting traverser, croix legged in the sand on his computer, Wally was teaching Aqualad how to surf although Aqualad never asked, Superboy and Megan was playing volley ball together but Red Arrow was missing. I sighed as I moved to the side and reached into my bag, I took out my mp3 player and started to play the first song, "how do toi sleep". I closed my eyes and started to sing to the song, convinced that everyone was too busy to notice. I started chant louder when suddenly I felt some one was staring at me. I opened one eye and saw Red Arrow...
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