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 Mercy's Cake?
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Even though Bella doesn't bake… I feel like she would make this for someone.
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Shiiiing! Shing! Shing! Zzt!

Every Slash across the sparring bots’ polished white chests made Ana grit her teeth. The “zzt” of sparking wires was worse. Each rapide, swift pass of her swords left a shallow scratch on the humanoid machines, but occasionally, her swords bit too deep. Her adversaries also landed the occasional blow, but their swords were blunted and barely bruised through her blood-red armor.

All three bots suddenly lunged, and Ana whirled, one curved blade slicing a head from its skinny metal neck, another slashing a polymer chest white open. She crossed her blades into an X as...
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"Now they know what toi are."

Not long after, a knock came at the young man's door. Marcus Antoni Rurik set down the jackets he had been trying to decide between to go to the door. He froze at the sight before him. The redhead had been forced to clean up nicely. Her red locks were straightened to a sheen, make-up smoothed over her features, and a well-fitted dress hugged her well-toned body. Aside from the chains around her wrists, Anastasia Romanov looked like she actually belonged in his family's castle.
"Miss Romanov, how can I help you?" Marcus asked, crossing his strong arms over his chest....
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Short recap of last episode of last season, then STUFF FROM SEASON 3 AH. ------------- "Where's Wally?" shouldn't have hurt so much after all these years!! But it freaking did!!
"Noëlle, come inside! Dinner's almost ready!
Michael returned to the pot filling the quant house with the aroma of beef and caramelize onions. He ladled soupe into the ceramic bowls, sprinkled in croutons, and smothered them both in Comté before setting the bowls in the oven. When a pair of bare feet was still absent from the kitchen, the man turned off the four and went back to the cuisine door.
"Noëlle?" he called again. "Mon ange!" No answer came from the flowered front yard ou the marsh lakeland at the bottom of the hill. Instinctively, Michael grabbed his fourreau ceinture and darted out...
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 Blaine Wyatt Aldric
Blaine Wyatt Aldric
Name: Blaine Wyatt Aldric
Reason ou meaning of name: Blaine-Yellow; Wyatt-Brave, Hardy; Aldric-wise ruler
Eye Color: Undefined (I haven't decided)
Hair Style/Color: Red
Height: 6'3"
Clothing Style: Formal
Best Physical Feature: Why does this matter? (His hair)

Your Fears: Loosing
Your Guilty Pleasure: Kisses
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: ...Loosing
Your Ambition for the Future: I wish not to disclose

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: When did I fall asleep?
What toi Think About the Most: That's Private
What toi Think About Before Bed: Not specific...
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Almost all the OCs have them, but we creators never had (individually). So... Tada~
extreme narcissism
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