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La Ligue des Justiciers – Nouvelle Génération
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Collaberation par TwanYJ/ Twan/ the Twaninator/ Big T and SilverWings13/ Ducky/ the chick that needs to stop making up redonculous nicknames for everyone. Enjoy~

Rene slipped on the vest over her sweat-shirt and pulled the straps tight. She looked at the black mask on the table, tableau and studied it a moment before putting it on. 
"Why are we wearing this, again?" Rene turned to see Silver standing in the doorway. She was outfitted in a similar uniform- black face mask (tinted glass, to support her secret ID), camouflage sweatshirt, dark denim jeans, grey gloves, and combat boots. 
Rene shrugged, "This...
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posted by Mclovin_69
1. boys no running around the cave in your boxers ( Lucas, Wally)

2. No boys in the girls rooms after 9:00

3. no giving Candy to Willow and Becca

4. dont call Willow crazy for liking and being Wallys girlfriend

5. Lucas and Artemis no PDA please

6. no playing pin the tail on Wally ( Becca, Phoebe, Fang, Blade)

7. there will be no playing of "gotcha" around the cave (( mcl: if toi dont know what gotcha is just ask me))

8. No playing Prom rendez-vous amoureux, date (( mcl: again just ask me what these games are and i will explain))

9. no playing spin the bottle

10.Artemis if someone says then i took an Arrow to the knee...
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Terror's theme song
young justice oc
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Name: Ena Sikora
Alias: Viveka
Powers/Abilities: dance fighting, flight, hand to hand combat
History: Ena grew up with her parents, her father being a millionaire. Her mother was nurturing and her best friend until the tragic accident tore them apart. With her mother gone, Ena became alone in her father’s house. Teased and bullied because of her father’s power, Ena was alone in the world. She threw herself into her dancing, focusing only on her moves and not the people who sought to bring her down. As Viveka, she became a beacon of hope to her city of Central. She was later approached par Nigtwing...
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