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Ashy and Row Row and their kiddos! (don't worry, it's in the future) MCLOVERS COME LOOK
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This Young Justice OC'S!!! fan-art might contain lunettes de soleil, lunettes noires, des nuances, nuances, and lunettes.

posted by XxKFforeverXx
Trystan ducked under one of the punches, zipping away from Zoom for a brief seconde before being grabbed once again. "You're weak, not nearly as strong ou fast as Wa-" Zoom stopped mid-sentence, only to look over when Impulse ran in. "Whoa, it's actually Zoom! Totally crash!" He grinned, speeding around the two. "Totally not." Trystan glared, swinging his leg up to kick himself from the other's grasp. "I'll be back for you, Trystan." He grinned before running off, leaving Trystan in a confused and muddled state. "Wha?" He shook his head, taking Bart's hand to pull himself up. "How fast were...
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I saw a YJ season one version of this song a while ago, and just found this one made for season two, so I wanted to share it with toi guys <3
young justice oc
posted by XxKFforeverXx
Trystan increased the speed on the treadmill, jamming the earphones into his ears. He shook his red hair from his face, sliding down his goggles over his eyes as he began to pick up speed. He stared straight vers l'avant, vers l’avant at the mur as he ran, his focus altering at the red lightning bolts. The male slowed the treadmill and stepped off of it, slowly pulling the earphones away from him. Trystan stumbled back when a hand clasped around his neck, his gloved hands gripping at the yellow forearm.
"Where's your brother?" Trystan gasped out for breath, staring back at a familiar face. "Hu-Hunter!" The speedster...
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I honestly have no idea what I just wrote… but it is what it is… Also, I'm sorry in advance about the length of this and anything that doesn't make sense, I just found the first half of this in my drafts and decided I should do something with it #wow

22:14:09 CST

“Oh my god, toi can’t just go around setting people on fire.”
"He had every intent to kill you, I had to do what was necessary to make sure that didn't happen. You're an asset- besides, he's not dead, is he?"
The man sighed and nervously smoothened his sport coat. "So, why does the Justice League need...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Fang was awoken par the sound of a knock, the male groaning and kicking the blankets off of his body. He looked over at the clock, it was nearly 8 AM but Fang hadn't been asleep long. The male coughed and spit into the trash can as he walked past, slowly trudging down the stairs. "Finally get to rest without waking up every heure and I get woken up par a knock." He grumbled, pulling a chemise over his bare chest, unlocking the door. Fang sighed and slowly opened the door, staring down at red hair. "Go home, Tobias." He said, already beginning to shut the door. "Wait!" The red head stuck his foot...
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posted by khanna266
3:45 AM Paris, France AmourCafe
Cross has been sitting at the table, tableau closest to the exit for about 5 minutes now.
"Where is that idiot?"she sighs aloud drumming her black fingernails against the table. She looks at the clock and sighs again.
"Hey there toots,I'm here now." Bart stands suivant to her in formal attire.
"Don't call me that. Why are toi late?"she gives him a dirty look.
"I was freshening up. Do toi know how hard it is to find a cheap tux in France?" he sits across from her. traverser, croix rolls her eyes annoyed par Bart.
"Where's Artemis and Wally?"she asks,and just then they come in.
"Right here."Wally...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Alex sat at her desk, humming quietly as she tapped the pencil on the notepad. "Where is my brother..?" She asked herself, tilting her head. The shorter layers of her hair fell from the ponytail, framing the blonde's face. "He's really tough to find.. But.. Where there's a riddle, there's a way..." She hummed out and stood up, sliding open her closet door. The blonde quickly changed in her usual hero suit, opening the window of her apartment. Alex colombe out of the window and spread her wings, closing her eyes at the breeze. She flew in silence until she landed at Arkham Asylum, tucking in the...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
The body fell through the air, lifeless, as if it were a weightless doll. The figure was shaded, giving no recognition to the Dreamer. The Dreamer had no idea where the body had fallen from, whether it was the sky, ou merely a cliff. But, death was death, no matter the circumstance. The Dreamer could only watch in horror as the shadowed figure collided with the ground, the body recoiling.
Tobias sucked in air as his body jolted, causing the male to quickly sit up in bed, his chemise wet with sweat. "Another vision.." He a dit shakily and carefully climbed out of his comfortable bed. He trudged...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
Her hands were placed gently on the sewing machine as she pushed the fabric into the needle. The needle punched the cloth creating a straight and decorative line of thread.
The orange light from the sewing machine was the only brightness in her room and its chugging noise the only sound heard.
Soon the chugging stop she grabbed the scissors and clipped the extra thread. She smile, it was finished and it looked amazing. Her gazing soon led her to the clock which only startled her.
She jump up, "Crap it's that later...I have to go!"

The zeta tube announced Jaivus name, he walked in but stood in...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Alexandria (Alex) Douglas-Michels
Alias: Nudge
Age: 18
Occupation: Hero
Appearance: Alex has natural blonde hair and blue hair, standing at 5'8 she has snow white wings with small brown freckles. While they aren't nearly as big as Fang's, they are 13 ft across. Alex is always found is some sort of leggings ou skinny jeans and an oversized hoodie. The blonde has always been insecure of her wings and keeps them well hidden to produce the image that she is "normal".
Powers/skills: As mentioned above, Alex has white wings and they are used for flight. She is also an expert hacker with the ability...
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posted by Mclovin_69
 I drew him because I felt like it
I drew him because I felt like it
Name: Michael Fanton
Alias: None
Occupation: Guitarist and Singer, Civilian
Age: 19
Personality: Michael is a very positive person, who often weighs others problems on him as support than solve his own. It's very unlikely to catch him in a bad mood.
Appearance: jade green eyes, he is a natural brunette but for the moment has his hair dyed black. he has freckles and barely leaves anywhere without wearing some type of hat ( usually snapbacks). He is 6'0 ft tall.
Relationships: He is a good friend and bandmate to Bentley.
History:Michael grew up having an ordinary life,minus his parents divorcing and his mother taking custody of him at the age of 8.
Notes:He met Bentley at a bar, and since have known each other for almost a year. It wasn't until recently him and Bentley got in touch again.
 I found a cute lil pic of him when he was little with his dad
I found a cute lil pic of him when he was little with his dad
posted by XxKFforeverXx
Fang sat tapping his fingers on the computer, staring up at the monitors as his dark eyes scanned over them. "This is useless, there's nothing even going on.." He sighed out and leaned his head on the keyboard, hitting his head against it a few times. He only rose at the sound of Batman entering the cave, but not looking from the monitors. "He's ready, Bats. Whether toi see ou it not, I'm taking him out into the field." Fang stood and turned, crossing his arms as he earned a scowl. "It's been six months, Fang. Six. Might I remind toi it was on purpose, not some accident." Batman a dit and locked...
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posted by SilverWings13
She checked on her children first. Always them first. The dim light of the dawn washed a soft glow into the nursery. The warm aura enveloped the 10 mois old twins in their side-by-side cream colored cribs. Amara and Kai remained fast asleep, undisturbed. Of course they were. Even if a rough wind jiggled a locked window, the 3-inch steel shutters would drop into place. No doors from the outside could be opened, unless the retina and bio scanners measuring multiple signature recognized the individual trying to enter the house. There was no getting in without permission. Angel was not the one...
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posted by khanna266
 The group symbol
The group symbol
salut I'm going to go on ahead and explain the Aries Army now. Enjoyyyyyyyy!

Group Name:Aries Army
Main Members: Akito Rem,Rika Wade,Alek Wade,Kuro Do,MaryJade Thompson, and Mick DiCaprio
Group symbol: The symbol for Aries

Members physical features:

Akito Rem:Tall,average bodytype,pale,black scruffy hair,and gray eyes

Rika Wade:tall,skinny,peachy skin,light red chair,and green eyes

Alek Wade:tall,muscular,peachy skin,Dark red hair,and green eyes

Kuro Do:tall,muscular,pale,blue eyes,and dark blue hair

MaryJade Thompson:short,curvy,ash blonde hair and blue-brown eyes

Mick DiCaprio: average height,muscular,peach...
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posted by SilverWings13
 aléatoire foxy!
random foxy!
Creature: Kitsune

Origin: Japon ("kitsune" means "fox" in Japanese)

Type: mythical

Lifespan: immortal (technically)

Weaknesses: icy weather ou water saps their energy, high metabolisms (meaning they must consume plus nourriture than most humans to stay healthy)

Strength is drawn from: other kitsune, heat, red meat (so... not really vegetarians)

Common traits: quick tempers (especially when around other kitsune), glowing irises at certain times

Summary: First documentation of a kitsune was in the 4th century A.D. as creature of myth in Japan. Full blooded kitsune have the ability to shape-shift into any...
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posted by khanna266
salut everybody I thought I should write something funny so here goes nothing.

11:00 Am in the woods

"*yawn**howls* Ooh does it feel good to wake up late!"Minion smiled"Time to do something fun!"
He then walked out of the woods into the local park.There were tons of kids playing on the playground and a muscular shirtless guy playing Frisbee with his dog."Hmm"Minion's ears perked up.He then started to walk on all fours,then he was running like a dog and leaped up into the air doing a back-flip grabbing the Frisbee with his mouth."Arf!" he dropped it wagging his butt.The children on the playground...
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