Young Justice OC'S!!! COUPLE ONE-SHOTS!!

BladeYJ posted on Jul 28, 2012 at 01:27AM
I Want to write! So what I you want a couple one-shot this is what I need!

Name of Girl:
Her Powers:
Her Age:
Her Personality:
Her Personality Around Him:

His Name:
His Powers:
His Age:
His Personality:
His Personality Around Her:

Setting Where It Happens:

Night or Day:

Any Drama Or Interference From Any Other Boy/Girl:


Do what it to be

Lovey Dovey

Please describe what kind of I guess Genere you want it to be.. ;)

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Young Justice OC'S!!! 7 réponses

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il y a plus d’un an Kenzie_KarmaYJ said…
Name of Girl: Fin
Her Powers: fire, flight, change of appearance, telepathy
Her Age: 13
Her Personality: excited, headstrong, bubbly, crazy, trolls in public, anger management issues
Her Personality Around Him: same, but a little more quiet, insecure and nervous

His Name: Adrian Martin
His Powers: limited invulnerability
His Age: 14
His Personality: quiet, keeps to himself, a teeny bit egotistical when he talks
His Personality Around Her: doesn't really change, except he's a little louder

Setting Where It Happens: somewhere cold... i like cold...

Night or Day: don't care

Any Drama Or Interference From Any Other Boy/Girl: HELL YEAH, NATHAN STONE! :D

Happy with a hint of tragic and loads of drama!
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il y a plus d’un an AislingYJ said…
Name of Girl: Aisling Carter
Her Powers: flight, strength, gauges measurements (distance, speed, time, etc.)
Her Age: 15
Her Personality: quiet, tomboyish, tough outside but sensitive/caring inside, doesn't like to show extreme sadness or fear or be seen as weak
Her Personality Around Him: same, maybe a little more girly, just a little though

His Name: Jackson Cohn
His Powers: communication with metal, magnetism, swordfighting
His Age: 14
His Personality: shy, quiet, kind of a loner, SERIOUS anger-management/temper issues
His Personality Around Her: quiet still but a little more talkative, slightly protective, otherwise same

Setting Where It Happens: Anywhere really.....

Night or Day:'bout night?

Any Drama Or Interference From Any Other Boy/Girl: Tesla/Nick McLaugin. Evil guy from Kaos who tried to rape Aisling in the past.. For more info read Knights in Shining Armor.

Mood: How about tragic. Maybe a little drama, and a teensy bit of lovey-dovey if you want. But tragic!!!
il y a plus d’un an SilverWingsYJ said…
Name of girl: SilverWings
Power: None. But skills include knife handling, pick pocketing, charming, and hand to hand combat.
Age: 14
Personality: mature but acts childish and bubbly, friendly (unless threatened), cautious
Personality Around Him: sassy, bubbly, friendly, bit shy

Your OC...

Setting: The city.

Night or day: Night.

Interference: idk. Blood- no, no interference.

Action with a side of romance and a hint of drama!
il y a plus d’un an Korran_YJ said…
Name of Girl: Brette Lanulue
Her Powers:  able to control people's shadows by touching them and can summon a shadow beast named Amoria
Her Age: 16
Her Personality: friendly, caring, quick-witted, cynical, childish demeanor
Her Personality Around Him: shy, easily embarrassed, kind, caring

His Name: Conner Maiven
His Powers: he doesn't have any but he's a sharp shooter
His Age: 17
His Personality: cunning, smart, loyal
His Personality Around Her: flirty, witty, loyal, caring, protective

Setting Where It Happens:  at the cave

Night or Day: night

Any Drama Or Interference From Any Other Boy/Girl:  interference by Burke being a pervert to Korran and picking a fight with Conner


Do what it to be 

Drama with some lovey dovey parts
il y a plus d’un an Robin_Love said…
Name of Girl: Becca Stevens
Her Powers: mystic arts, agility, teleportation, weapons
Her Age: 15
Her Personality: shifty and observant, careful of others
Her Personality Around Him: conflicted

His Name: Sam Grant
His Powers: agility, combat, weapons
His Age:17
His Personality: Arrogant, ignorant, rude, yet careful of others
His Personality Around Her: watchful, protective, conflicted

Setting Where It Happens: Mission to get information on enemy

Night or Day: Night

Any Drama Or Interference From Any Other Boy/Girl: Considering it's Becca and Sam, their "better half" (Holly and Robin)

Love/Hate Relationship
il y a plus d’un an BladeYJ said…
Name of Girl: Blade Howard
Her Powers: Teleportation, Mind Control, Lightning, and BOOM THAT'S IT!
Her Age: 16
Her Personality: Tough, hates showing emotion, likes to tease, is kinda a bully, can be caring.
Her Personality Around Him: Soft, loving TOTALLY OPPISITE around him than she is in front of people.

His Name: Terror..
His Powers: Control of shadows and fear.. ((Correct me if I'm missin summin R_L))
His Age:
His Personality: (In my opinion!) Tough, strong, protective, isn't a huge softie.. and is easily irritated, but can be caring.. ;)
His Personality Around Her: Protective, loving, gentle, affectionate.. so on

Setting Where It Happens: Outside.. Beach/forest..

Night or Day: NIGHT!

Any Drama Or Interference From Any Other Boy/Girl: Uhrm... Idk ((R_L what do you think))((gasp gasp gasp Nevermind I know... Gage... the convo..earlier *COUGH*))

Drama/Action/Tragic/Romance! :D Yay!

(( YES I REPLIED TO MY OWN FOURM! Or else I will forget!))

il y a plus d’un an Obscurity98 said…
Name of Girl: Harley Mei Kent
Her Powers: Element control, flight, super strength, invulnerability, catlike abilities and fangs. super senses, agile, hand to hand combat, good with both swords and whips
Her Age: 14 yrs 6 months
Her Personality: Stubborn, protective, flirty, loyal serious when need be, laughs at alot of things. usually vies her self as a higher being around humans, constantly calling them with a scoff, "Humans."
Her Personality Around Him: flirty, clumsy, stubborn, protective, flaunts herself, likes to make him jealous. loyal though

His Name: Skylar McKenzie
His Powers: flight (with black wings) wolf morphing, some type of fighting style I forget the name of
His Age: 16 yrs
His Personality: dark ,outgoing, funny, crazy,loyal
His Personality Around Her: crazy, over protective,outgoing, funny loyal

Setting Where It Happens: where ever u like

Night or Day: Night

Any Drama Or Interference From Any Other Boy/Girl: Roy, who used to be her boyfriend, who wants Harley back...

Drama, lovey dovey, and TOTALLY TRAGIC!