Young Justice OC'S!!! Fanfic?

MercyYJ posted on Jul 17, 2012 at 02:54AM
Okay, I decided to be nice and let around 5 people- teeny number- be in it if they want! Remember, 5 people only and I can't hold spots for people! First come first serve!

Please give me this info:

Hero Name:
Real Name:
Fighting Technique:
Unique Things About Them:
Anything Else You Want to Add?:

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il y a plus d’un an AislingYJ said…
Ooh ooh me me me me!!!

Hero Name: Tiger Storm (doesn't use it though)
Real Name: Aisling Carter
Appearance: shoulder length wavy dark brown hair (ponytail), blue-green eyes, about 5'8", solid build, freckles
Personality: quiet, tomboyish, slightly shy, sometimes has a temper, tough on the outside but sensitive and caring inside, loyal, doesn't like to seem weak, doesn't like to show extreme emotion (particularly sadness)
Age: 15
Power: flight, strength, gauges measurements
Weakness: ummm...death? temper, clumsy, sometimes insecure/self-doubting
Fighting Technique: martial arts/combat, knives
Unique Things About Them: usually quiet but occasionally can be slightly weird/hyper, has 2 rats (Rascal and Rogue)
il y a plus d’un an Robin_Love said…
Hero Name: Notte
Real Name: Dylan Spade
Appearance: blue hair and blue eyes, one white wing one black wing
Personality: Fun-loving and laughing, quiet
Age: 15
Power: controls shadows and steals darkness/souls/evil with his scythe
Weakness: using too much power
Fighting Technique: martial arts, kung fu
Unique Things About Them: He loves to play jokes and knows how to twists words so anything is believable. Uses the last against villains only
il y a plus d’un an Korran_YJ said…
Hero Name: Korran

Real Name: Brette Lanulue

Appearance: Shoulder-length white hair, red eyes, 5' 5", lightly tanned skin

Personality: Kind, serious despite her childish demeanor, shy, loner, brave, naive

Age: 16

Power: Can control people's shadows by touching them, can channel shadow energy into her two chakrams

Weakness: Fighting people at a distance, slower reflexes

Fighting Technique: Pressure-point martial arts, chakrams

Unique Things About Them: Can summon a shadow beast named Amoria, has cat ears and a tail, she's good at sneaking around and spying on people
il y a plus d’un an SilverWingsYJ said…
Final slot!

Hero Name: SilverWings

Real Name: Aryess "Ary" Weston (Shhhhh!)

Appearance: 5'5", fair hair (usually in a braid), light grey eyes, lightly tanned skin

Personality: mature but acts up-beat and a bit immature to keep up the good mood, stubborn, friendly unless threatened

Age: 14

Power: none, but has training in knife-handling, martial arts, and balancing (like roof-hopping)

Weakness: she's human, so a lot.

Fighting Tehnique: uses her size (cuz for some reasons, villians are HUGE nowadays.) To her advantage by slipping past her opposer. Also her speed. Silver uses her surroundings to her advantage (i.e. ledges, rivers, loose materials she can use as a weapon). She uses her blades for more of protection then offensive uses, but will use her throwing knives for long-distance offense. Prefera to keep to te shadows and/ high vantage points (i.e. trees, roofs, etc.). Doesn't use guns. NEVER KILLS.

Unique things: Edetic memory (remembers everything she sees, reads, and hears). Always wears her angel charm necklace.
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il y a plus d’un an MercyYJ said…
big smile
Kay! Thanks to everyone who responded! This is now officially CLOSED!