Young Justice OC'S!!! Be in a fanfic!

AislingYJ posted on Jul 10, 2012 at 03:47AM
You wanna be in a fanfic? Well apply here!

I feel like I'm selling something. xP
So this fanfic takes place 20 years later so if your character will be on the Justice League or something else (hero or villain or other) that would affect/come into contact with the children (not on the team/league) of two Leaguers, apply here! If they're not one of those things it might be harder but I could possibly try to work you in. So:
Hero Name:
Age (in 20 years):
Affiliations (Justice League, other hero, villain, retired, etc., include how it would affect the kids of 2 leaguers):
Spouse/children (if applicable):

So yeah I think that's everything. I don't know how big of a part you'll play, it all kinda depends, mainly on your affiliations and how close you are to my characters now.

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il y a plus d’un an SkylarYJ said…
Name: Skylar Mckenzie
Hero Name: Spyro
Age (in 20 years): 36
Appearance: Jeans and white tanktop, leather jacket(Sometimes), Black hair and red highlight, red eyes.
Personality: Looks dark but is funy and outgoing.
Powers: Superhuman strength, transfomation(into a wolf), (More of a skill) Muay Thai.
Affiliations (Justice League, other hero, villain, retired, etc., include how it would affect the kids of 2 leaguers):Villian
Spouse/children (if applicable): N/A
il y a plus d’un an SilverWings13 said…
Not a solid plan, but this is what I came up with on the fly!

Name: Aryess "Ary" Weston (still a secret!)

Hero Name: AngelWings

Age (in 20 years): 33

Appearance: approx. 5'7", fair shoulder length hair with a bright blue streak, light grey eyes, four hidden tattoos, black leather jacket, jeans, combat boots, camo-tank-top, black fingerless gloves, black mask/ sunglasses (for when in civvies), always wears angel charm

Personality: up-beat, friendly, sarcastic, stubborn, trustworthy, cautious, protective over Riley and Fiona (keep reading)

Powers: no powers but does possess useful skills: knife handling, eidetic memory, "charming" (manipulating), espionage, agility, pick-pocketing, also has better acrobats and quicker reflexes

Affiliations (Justice League, other hero, villain, retired, etc., include how it would affect the kids of 2 leaguers): hero and member of JL, Fi and Riley are both members of Young JL

Spouse/children (if applicable): has two nephew and a niece, Riley Conners, age 21, and Fiona "Fi"
Conners, age 14

Bio: Okay, let me try this with minimum spoilers. When Ary was 15 she found out her older brother, Daemian, had a son, Riley Conners. She helped raise him and trained Riley as her protege, Dusk. When Ary turned 21 she joined the Justice League, but broke away after discovering Riley had a half-sister, Fiona (Star)(who can ghost through walls), to better train her niece and nephew. She allowed Fi and Riley to join the team (when Fi turned 12) and rejoined the Justice League to keep a careful eye on them.

Wow... that was intense. Well, there you go! It'll probably change, but that's what I came up with! Ary might be dead by then, but this is what it might look like if not.

Does this mean I have to do one for Fi and Riley now?
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il y a plus d’un an ShadowYJ said…
Name: Dana Gracias

Hero Name: Shadow

Age (in 20 years): 33

Appearance: Thick black wavy hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, tanned skin, willowy, and muscular for a girl

Personality: Immature, likes to be in command, caring, trustworthy, mysterious, stubborn

Powers: (doesn't posses a super-natural power-these are just some skills and abilities)
1. A very strong vivid photographic memory
2. Can intemperate sounds really well
3. Her brain is like a force-fireld (anyone with physic powers can't use their powers on her brain-its like a shield)
4. An expert martial artist (judo and tai quando)
5. Knows Eskrima (Philippines art of weapon fighting. Prefers to fight with twin eskrima sticks for that skill)
6. Can throw knives and fight with other various blades
7. Can design high tech equipment and weapons
8. Making highly dangerous death traps
9. Hacking and Technology
10. Car engineering
11. Making suits and clothing fit for heros with powers
12. Weapons expert-espiecally with guns
13. Very advanced in Science
14. Lock-picking

Affiliations: Justice League

Spouse/children (if applicable): None. She is still single

Bio: She quit YJ at the age of 22 and was elected a JL member right after.
She is a computer engineer at Wayne Enterprises. Her little brother and mother died when she was 34 in a fire and she only has her dad and the JL team to support her. (Thats all I could think of)
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il y a plus d’un an MercyYJ said…
Name: Bella/Mercy Watson

Hero Name: Nova

Age (in 20 years): 36

Appearance: Redish brown hair down to her shoulders, blue eyes, freckles

Personality: Down to earth, sarcastic, focused, and sometimes serious

Powers: Can control and create fire, immune to burns and feeling high temperatures.

Affiliations (Justice League, other hero, villain, retired, etc., include how it would affect the kids of 2 leaguers): Detective by day, and when she gets bored- goes out and becomes a ninja type person! Bt does help the JL when they REALLY need her help

Spouse/children (if applicable): Adopted a 14 year old boy named Adrian who has enhanced reflexes. (He begs to join the team a lot, but Mercy can't decide wether to let him or not)

Bio: Mercy quit the team at age 19 to try to go solo for a bit, and was begged back onto the team at age 21 to become the training leader. At age 24 she joined the JL and quit at age 29, becoming the Head Detective in Gotham.
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il y a plus d’un an BladeYJ said…
Name: Blade Howard

Hero Name: Blade

Age (in 20 years): 36

Appearance: Long Blande hair and eyes change color depending on her mood.
Personality: Snarky, loves teasing people, LOVES TO FIGHT, doesn't mind getting in ttouble or hurt, has a soft side, gets pissed easily, has somewhat of a potty mouth, and she doesn't take shit.. ever.. (always stands up for what she believes.. she's uh.. HEADSTRONG! XD)

Powers: Teleportation, Mind reading/control, (idk if guns count as a power) Uses guns lik crazy all the time.. and is an expert in acrobats and hand-to-hand combat!

Affiliations (Justice League, other hero, villain, retired, etc., include how it would affect the kids of 2 leaguers): Villian >:)

Spouse/children (if applicable): N\A (talk to R_L on that.. idk if her and Terror are going to be together 20 years from now.. I really don't know!)

Bio: Once she turned 20 she took a break from the team.. she went to college ect ect.. then when she got out around the age of 24 she took another long break until the age 30, She wanted to join back intot the team. They rejected her because there were no more spots and she was gone so long. She was furiuos! She wanted toget revenge.. she hooked up with a group of villians and has been apart of them since age 30-36 (present day in that time period).
il y a plus d’un an Obscurity98 said…
Name: Harley Mei "Kent"

Hero Name: Obscurity

Age (in 20 years): 34 yrs

Appearance: 5'2, jean shorts, black spaghetti strap, combat boots, choker necklace, tattoo on right shoulder( half tiger half wolf) Long black hair, either down or in braids. Native America skin, black iris.

Personality: Loyal, serious when need be, playful, flirtatious, funny, sly,

Powers: Super strength, invulnerability, Flight, excels in hand to hand combat, great acrobatics, catlike personality with cat fangs and hearing, Control of elements (5 natural)

Affiliations: Now part of the justice league, i am some what of a role model for the kids, since my father figures are Superman and Batman

Spouse/children (if applicable): Now, none, HAD relationship with Kaldur and Roy.

Bio: Lab experiment gone wrong, grew up loving the JLA helped foil a bank robbery, got mistaken for the robber, and YJ chased her off a building, Roy saved her life, and introduced her to Batman and Robin. Little was it known that Batman had once saved her life, and Superman knowing that she was part Kryptonian too, took her in as a child.
She and Roy got close, this began to fail however, she went for Kaldur, who turned Rouge and left him aswell.
il y a plus d’un an InfinityYJ said…
Name: Kyra Grayson (unknown to others)

Hero Name: Phoenix/Nix

Age (in 20 years): TECHNICALLY 13, but she looks about 18, and she's supposed to be 33

Appearance: black hair with a gold streak, blue eyes/gold when hero, thin, average height for an 18 year old

Personality: caring, loyal, serious when it comes to the kids, funny, sneaky, trusting, and everything in between

Powers: fire, flight, telepathy, appearance

Affiliations (Justice League, other hero, villain, retired, etc., include how it would affect the kids of 2 leaguers): not JL, but not directly part of team, so kind of a freelancer. Affection on kids? I'd be the new trainer. ;D

Spouse/children (if applicable): Nathan Stone, now known as Longshot, and three kids, Magma, Black Viper, and Ripple (see article)

Bio: You know this by heart.
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il y a plus d’un an AchillesYJ said…
Name: Adrian Martin

Hero name: Achilles

Age (in 20 years): 34

Appearance: muscular but not super ripped, dirty blonde hair with a blue streak, one blue eye and one brown eye

Personality: quiet, keeps to himself, a teeny bit egotistical when he talks

Powers: limited invulnerability, uses knives and blades, poison and explosives expert

Affiliations: JL

Spouse/children: Isabelle Lance, or Silence. one kid, name Andrea, has my eyes and mom's hair

Bio: still working on this..

il y a plus d’un an AislingYJ said…
((awwww you marry Belle? That's really perfect actually!))
il y a plus d’un an Eclipse-YJ said…
Name: Pandora Katia Shanelle Alice Spade

Hero Name: Omega/X-360

Age (in 20 years): 35 but looks about 26

Appearance: Brown long hair, Omega Symbol tatto under left eye, slim figure, tatto of omega and alpha symbol on back, green eyes

Personality: Calm and loving to her children, Lush and humble (plus a little agressive to her lover if you know what i mean ;) )

Powers: She is god so she can do anything really, PUT! She has 4 adamantium claws like wolverine but the 4th one comes out between her thumb and first finger (they are about the size of half a samari swords), can turn into liquid admantium and still has adamantium skin and adamantim metal wings that retract from the skin on her back)

Affiliations: Justice League

Spouse/children (if applicable): Spouse: Dylan Spade/Notte, Children: Nicole and Onex (adopted twins) there powers are magic and flight plus excilent fighting skills) (pic below Nicole left, Onex right)

Bio: After saving the world from the future her inner magic was uncontrolable and killed her sending her to heaven, Blah Bah blah she became deaths assistent (death is a good guy) and was send back to earth a year later and because hero again :)

 Name: Pandora Katia Shanelle Alice bêche Hero Name: Omega/X-360 Age (in 20 years): 35 but looks
il y a plus d’un an Korran_YJ said…
Name: Scarlet Adenfeld

Hero Name: Fire Rose

Age (in 20 years): 36

Appearance: 5' 10", waist-length orange hair, purple eyes, magic staff tattoo, jean jacket, navy blue shorts, black flats, orange halter top, flame persona mask, rose necklace

Personality: Anti-social, cynical, optimistic, hard working, caring, trust issues, stubborn, sarcastic, protective

Powers: Witch magic, fire-caster, martial arts skills, magic staff tattoo becomes a staff weapon scarlet uses for fighting

Affiliations: Recently came out of retirement, other hero, trains her own team, keeps watch over Justice League only helping them when absolutely necessary

Spouse/children (if applicable): spouse: N/A Children: took in two kids off the street, a six year old named Wisty and a fourteen year old named Nate

Bio: Retired at age 30 but due to recent events in her life she came out of retirement. Found Wisty and Nate and took them in at age 26, formed her own team after discovering Wisty and Nate's powers. Cut off all connections to the team at age 27 but still watches over the Justice League
il y a plus d’un an Korran_YJ said…
Hope I'm not too late

Name: Brette Lanulue

Hero name: Neko Star

Age (in 20 years): 36

Appearance: 5' 7", short white hair with two long strands at the front, red eyes, black star tattoo under left eye, black waist-length trench coat, black shorts, knee-high brown leather boots, black cat ears and tail

Personality: Cynical, loyal, brave, shy, serious despite her childish demeanor, hard working

Powers: Able to control people's shadows by touching them, can channel shadow energy into her two chakrams and can summon a shadow beast named Amoria

Affiliations: Hero, Justice League. Keeps in contact with Scarlet to keep her updated on Justice League activity

Spouse/children: married to Conner

Bio: Broke off from the team to train on her own at 25, came back and joined the Justice League. At age 27 Korran began contacting Scarlet to keep her updated, as well as helping with training Scarlet's team. Korran often does assassinations of criminals as a side job
il y a plus d’un an AislingYJ said…
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