Sunday morning
Yami: habibi get up it's 11:00 clock
Yugi *mumbled * five plus min
Yami* smirked and leaned to yugis ear * : if toi don't wake up I might do something soooo bad
Yugi * shot from the lit * : n-no yami I am up see???
Yami * chuckled * I see now aibou.. now let's get toi bathed shall we?
Yugi;: sure Pharaoh { he smiles }

Yami: ohh aibou { he sang}
Yugi: yea?? ( yugi was blushing as yami was looking at him )
Yami: a little bit earlier toi we're sooo baddd I want to punish toi
Yugi (gulped and thought with the mind link opened ) ' my God no I can't believe it Yami is jouer la comédie so kinky these days '
Yami * chuckled and pinned yugi to the mur and kissed him )
Yugi « closed his eyes and let his other self Kiss him »
Yami * broke the Kiss and smirked * let's begin shall we?

citron STARTS HERE!!

Yami sucked yugis nipples so roughly and yugi moaned.. he grapped yamis hair and yami growled with pleasure

Yamis hands wandered around yugis body.. he sucked nipped Evey single part of yugi.. yami then flipped yugi over so his back was facing him

Yami: I promise I won't hurt toi ( he looked worried )
Yugi * smiled .. he loves yami so much.. and when his gentle voice speaks Yugo feels like crying and asks himself what did he do to deserve yami ?? * : I will be fine.. go on
Yami * entered yugi slowly and started pounding into yugi.. 10 minutes later both we're dripping cum.. they washed and went to the bedroom

Yami * placed yugi on the lit and a dit to him * sleep my Angel I will be here
Yugi: toi promise? * his innocent eyes looked for answer *

Yami * smiled at his partner and kissed his forehead * yes I am here yugi
Yugi ' closed his eyes ' OK

Yami smiled at his Angel and drifted to sleep holding Yugi to his chest