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posted by xAlexanderx
toi look through drawers.. Once toi find it..
What is it for..
toi know damn well what its for.. toi slid down the door..
toi grip it tight in your right hand and pull up your sleeve..
toi feel the cold metal press against your skin..
toi press down till toi know it's in..
toi slice your wrist..
The pain stays not it going away..
toi slice and dice again..
Pain... There it goes.. it's away..
Slice and Dice one plus time.. Then you're fading away..
Your thinking great.. The
Slice and Dice worked..
toi finally black out..
toi wake in the morning and think to yourself
Oh Shit her we go Again..
posted by xAlexanderx
The world is crumbling in around me and it's all landing on haut, retour au début of me
I'm all alone carrying every one's weight.
Every one's tears, pain, loss, and regrets.
I am no hero, nor am I a savior.
I can't even handle my own emotions and problems par myself...
How can I be expected to carry everybody else's?
People say your destiny starts when toi least expect it.
Well then is this my destiny?!
Is this the path I am destined to take?!
The path of sorrow and pain?!
The destiny of a stronger, braver, less selfish person
Than I?
My Bones are growing weaker par the second,
My hope vanishing par the minute.
The air is...
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posted by xAlexanderx
There's a place where no one likes to be
So they save that little place for me
They shove me in and lock the door
They call me a dick, an ass, a man whore
They say shut up, they say fuck you
But none of them know what I'm going through
I've Lost good friends. I've been a Lost friend too
I've a dit I'll never love, and I've a dit I l’amour you
Deep down I know I deserve all the bad
I just miss the life that I once had
I miss my family, I miss my friends
I'm part of a nightmare that never ends
People leave, and people die
But the nightmare continues when I open my eyes
Everything feels like it's falling apart
I've broken my family, my faith, and my heart
Every time I think life can't get worse
I watch another friend ride off in a hearse
I don't remember how to smile, ou even have fun
It's true when they say only the good die young
posted by xAlexanderx
couleurs of dark grey and black fill the world in which I live
No other feeling could possibly be worse than this
Where once was a room filled with laughter & Cheer
Now stands loneliness, emptiness and despair.

Memories of toi seem to creep around the corners of my mind
Endless haunting images of your face that won't decline
An overwhelming of emotion that my body can't contain
Fills my soul with unbearable grief, sorrow and pain

Oh, How I long to hold toi in my arms just once plus
And tell toi that things will be again, as they were before
But, as reality sinks in, I know that will never be
For the choices that I've made in my life have sealed our destiny

No one could ever fathom how wretchedly my cœur, coeur aches
And how I greatly regret that you've had to pay for my mistakes
If I could go back in time, and change only one wrong that I've done
I'd go back to the Hour, to the second, on the jour I Lost you.
posted by xAlexanderx
Depression is a state of mind
but remember my dear
it is a crime
to cut the throat of a beloved soul
and suck the life from within the hole
traverser, croix out the lies that left your lips
and drink the blood with thirsty sips
snap her Bones into shattered glass
hold your breath until the screaming pass
shout her name from miles away
he doesn't déplacer he doesn't stay.

Rip the wound with foolish tears
and cover the scar with dreaded fears
taste the pain on your own bandaged tongue
and drip the tears into her precious lungs
shoot the smile from her face
and bring her to a forbidden place
screaming, she runs away
he doesn't déplacer he doesn't stay.