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 Farewell to the Bella Twins
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Nikki Bella
bella twins
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This wwe photo might contain bikini, maillot de bain deux pièces, maillot de bain, maillot deux pièces, and deux pièces maillot de bain.

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Shawn Michaels Appeared in Playgirl
ou read that right. The most outspoken Christian in wwe was once a pretty wild guy, and in the '90s, he did a spread for Playgirl.

This was not a full nude pictorial ou anything, it was plus to play up his Heartbreak Kid gimmick.

The funniest thing about this is that Shawn has actually exposed himself on wwe plus than he did in this magazine. Many people may remember Triple H and Shawn mooning the wwe audience when DX was first starting up.

He has also had his tights pulled down on many occasions in matches and even stuffed his trunks so he could give a more...
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"JACKIE!" Angel yelled across the hall from him.It's been five weeks sence they seen eachother, Jackie aka Jack Swagger looked up from his ipod."Angel!" he smiled her smile anytime they where around eachother..Angel couldn't help but laugh.Jack threw his head back and laughed along with her, she ran over to him and hugged him.He hugeed tighter "I missed toi so much.God I was having nightmares about never seeing toi agian!" "Well blame my mother for taking me to Death Valley..." Angel hated but loved her mother in so many ways that she wanted to straingle the woman"Angel!You're back."She heard...
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I will write about all the match results at last nights Judgement jour in Omaha...

Triple H vs. Randy Orton, Steel Cage Match for the wwe Championship

Triple H came out of last nights steel cage match still wwe Champion. The age of Orton looked like it had a chance of prevailing but the King of Kings pulled the plugs on Orton's Championship plans. The Game, Triple H continues his 12th Championship reign after his victory.

Undertaker vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship

Undertaker was victorious...but still not regaining his title. Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guererro informed the...
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Hornswoggle Gives Maryse a Ring Pop
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Big Evil and heel John Cena dish it on Smackdown! 2003
John Cena
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