After weeks of "courtesies" verbal and physical properties of Co-Champions Unified Divas "Lay-Cool, Natalya will undoubtedly take revenge - and finally catch the" noble papillon "- a wwe Bragging Rights.Natalya has already had an opportunity with the Mean Girls in Hell in a Cell, where Layla threw a shoe on the third generation of divs to take voluntarily and disqualification to hold the titre to Michelle McCool Divas unified. With this move, Layla Michelle saved from almost certain when a submission has locked in the Sharpshooter Natalya - maneuver that he inherited from his uncle, the Hall of Famer Bret "Hit Man" Hart.First from the Hart Dungeon Diva, Natalya has never shied away when it comes to fighting, despite the Lay-Cool with their attempt to discourage bullying, they can not distract from the objective Natalya to win his first titre in the WWE.As stipulated par the Special Conculsnte SmackDown Vickie Guerrero, Layla is that Michelle can defend his title. But regardless of who actually climb into the ring, the wwe Universe - and especially the challenger in office - is expected that both Lay-Cool can play a decisive role.Can the co-champions Divas unified to achieve another victory "perfect"? ou Sharpshooter allow Natalya to win his first title? The réponses to wwe Bragging Rights, Sunday, Oct. 24 pay-per-view.