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posted by CheekyCheese
Sorry if this isn't very good!

Angel was so excited, her best best Friends were coming for her birthday sleepover at five o clock! Time crept slowly to ten past five and still not a single soul in sight! Suddenly her little sister Summer shouted “Ha Ha they're not coming they hate toi so much!” Angel ran upstairs weeping and charged desperately into her sister Friday's room.

“Was Summer being mean to toi again?” asked Friday
“Yes, she a dit that my Friends weren't coming because they hate me and that's not true!”
“Don't worry its only because she is jealous about toi having the best sleepover ever”said Friday
Suddenly Angel heard a knock at the door “I'll get it!” she called out. As soon as she opened the door Yvonne started chant happy birthday and was holding a large oval shaped present neatly wrapped up in sparkly purple paper. Angel and Yvonne hugged and while they were doing so Tillie appeared holding a square box covered in 'Happy Birthday' paper. They were all catching up on gossip when the cloche, bell rang “That must be Aliona!” shouted Yvonne and they all ran to the door. “Hello people!” Aliona shouted in her excited American voice.
“I hope you've all remembered your swimming costumes because after thé we're going for a swim in the lake!” exclaimed Angel
“Right time for the presents!” anges mum souci, marigold shouted. First of all Angel opened Tillie's present which was a short book and a fleur craft set. Then she opened Aliona's, which was an art box with pencils and charcoal all neatly in arc en ciel order.
“Oh thank toi Aliona! I have been wanting this for ages!”
“Your pleasure” a dit Aliona feeling pleased that Angel had liked her gift.
“Mine suivant mine next!” shouted Yvonne. Yvonne's gift turned out to be a massive tub of sequins, beads and lots of arty things.
“Oh thanks Yvonne!”

After their magnificent party thé the girls went to the lake near Angel's house. “I'll be first in!” Aliona shouted. So Aliona jumped in the lake and screamed at the temperature. The others were too scared so they just left Aliona in there. “I'll try and touch the bottom then” Aliona said. Aliona ducked down sticking her feet in the air and sticking an arm up over the haut, retour au début of the water, waving. A few secondes later Angel, Tillie and Yvonne heard some splashing and saw some bubbles where Aliona had gone down. “She must of reached the bottom!” Tillie shouted excitedly. A number of secondes passed and still no sign of Aliona!
“Where is she?” asked Angel

They waited.
“It's been over nine minutes now!” Tillie shouted, almost in tears.
“What are we going to do?” asked Yvonne who was the smartest of the lot. It was bad news if she couldn't even think of an idea. “We can't exactly tell Angel's Mum, she'll go ballistic!”
“And so will Aliona's parents! They'll never want to see us again!” Things were looking very bad for the girls and they still didn't know what to do.
“Right I'm going in!” cried Yvonne “What? We cant just stand here and do nothing!”
“Y...v..v..v..vonne's right” stammered Tillie who was in tears now “We have to help A..A..Aliona!”
“Right” Yvonne declared “It was nice knowing toi guys!” she hugged both of them and jumped in. Tillie and Angel burst into floods of tears. It was bad enough losing one best friend let alone two!
“Yvonne shouldn't of followed Aliona down there, it could be dangerous!” exclaimed Angel (The
worrier of the group). It was getting dark and the two girls who were still dry were very very worried! It had been over 11 minutes since Yvonne had jumped in and 18 since Aliona had disappeared! “Lets go inside and get Mum!” Angel suddenly decided after lots of pondering. “She'll know what to do!”
“But what if they come back up?!” Angel cried “I'll stay here!”

So Tillie went pelting back towards the house, faster and faster, when she saw a hooded figure in the distance. For a divisé, split seconde she thought it was Angel's Mum but no, it couldn't have been. For Angel's Mum didn't have fiery red hair. Angel's Mum wasn't that tall. Tillie slipped out a small scream. Her legs had frozen. She didn't know why, she didn't know how. The hooded figure turned. It had a chalky white face. Tillie felt her cœur, coeur freeze.
écriture Characters Of The Opposite Gender par Peter Russell at Story Expo via FilmCourage.com.
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posted by edwardsca
    It was a cold winter morning. The wind was a cold, rapide, swift breeze. I was upstairs in my room turning page par page reading.I went down to eat my warm, golden biscuits on the old cracked wooden table. I went to go get the bucket and some water to wash up, the bucket was broken and the water was freezing cold like the rough winter nights. After my refreshing bath I went to go get dressed, I put on my chemise which was red as my own dear mother's cerise sweet lips. I zipped up my jupe it was black like the midnight sky, and buckled my black shoes. I was walking down the dirt...
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Well,he walked up to me and he asked me if I wanted to dance.
He looked kind of nice so I a dit I might take a chance.
When he danced he held me tight
And when he walked me accueil that night
All the stars were shining bright
And then he kissed me.

Each time I saw him I couldn't wait to see him again
I wanted to let him know that he was plus than a friend
I didn't know just what to do
So I whispered " I l’amour you"
And he a dit that he loved me too
And then he kissed me.
He kissed me in a way that I've never been kissed before,
he kissed me in a way that I wanna be kissed forever more.

I knew that he was mine so I gave him all the l’amour that I had
And one jour he took me accueil to meet his mum and his dad
Then he asked me to be his bride
And always be right par his side
I felt so happy I almost cried
And then he kissed me.
posted by hotfudgebrownie
Heys guys, this story is made par me (hotfudgebrownie) and llrulez!! :D:D hope toi like it.

Chapter #1
My life. My life isn’t ordinary. it’s too complicated .it all started when…Wait! I almost forgot. Im eliza steel.everyone knows me as liz.im 16 and very athletic . I know a little bit of karate from a few classes I had taken when I was little.. I have a little sister,Dani,who is just 11 but a little too smart for her age.my best friend stasha is extremely intelligent. She won a national award but forget about that .more important ,my story.but before toi read any further stop and think....
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“Look at them, trying to figure it out. Trying to work out why a pure-blood has come to their school, Antiworld, huh? This could be fun”. There was a young man sitting on the haut, retour au début of a gargoyle wearing a white chemise with a black manteau over it. His eyes where a light green with a black cat eye stroke through it. As the man stood up toi saw that he had pitch black hair and his skin was white like paper. As toi closed in on the man’s face toi saw his eye drop a line of blood down his cheek, as if he was crying blood. The man looked up at the sun covering his face with his hand, he closed his...
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As Marley was at home, he was doing research about vampires but still nothing about vampires losing their short term memory loss ability. It is hard to get facts about vampires without running into a movie, T.V series ou book. “What’s this?” a dit Marley. “Vampires from the Hunters Eyes”. As Marley looked through the website a lot of the facts were true like the side effects, half-bloods and pure-bloods. Then he saw just what he was looking for, as he read he understood. “Half-bloods are hated throughout the line of pure-bloods but are used as slaves ou grunts. Those who are bitten...
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Some vampires have a certain side effect to when they bite a human. This mostly happens with pure bloods ou half bloods that gained their power from their vampire history. vampires who were bitten and had their blood changed will rarely get this trait because their blood was once human so the DNA does not release this effect in their blood. Marley, Alec and Opal each have a side effect when bitting someone. The People Alec bites start to concentrate a lot on their l’amour life, this is because Alec cares a lot about his l’amour life (One of the many reasons he does not bite men) The Side effect People...
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posted by Bella_Swan3
I'm losing my mind, Taylor thought as she gripped the edge of the vanity table, almost splintering it. A few shards of glass on haut, retour au début of it were enough to tell her that her face was painted with her black tears.

I need to find out, she thought desperately. Even if it hurts. Even if the truth hurts worse than an outright lie.

Lie. So seemingly small and insignificant, and yet it could go unnoticed, almost like it could be a dit and then forgotten immediately.

Lies are like a temporary fix. They solve most problems, but they will soon unravel and tear even worse than before.

Glass. Why can't I break...
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She wanted to know what else he thought about her, and refused to stop lire no matter how painful its effect would be.
He a dit toi are in med school. That made me happy since I was there too, though against my welling. I thought that toi are passionate and caring, that toi are loving and want to help everyone. I didn’t even know toi and I drew toi in my mind like an Angel the same way toi looked to me. I forgot in that minute all what my father told me, and all what I learned about not being fooled with appearances, though I was, all my life, very careful with choosing my friends. But...
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salut guys! I just wrote this poem. I haven't written a poem in quite a while, maybe a year, and this one's an attempt to get back on the poem écriture path. Well hope toi like it, and please, if possible, add a commentaire saying what toi think.

Me and Those

Ever noticed that in this life
Everyone wants toi to do something,
ou be something
That sometimes toi don’t want to be?

They are those!
toi know them!
toi probably have those in your house.
They are those who expect toi to take a path,
Even though,
toi don’t want to take.

They are those who expect toi to be great,
Even though,
toi prefer to be small and humble.

But do toi think,
For the slightest second,
That they care about that?
They don’t!

They are your parents,
Your grandparents,
Your Uncles and aunts,
That since toi were born,
Came up with a path for toi in life.

But know this,
And say it to yourself:
They are those, they matter,
But me is I,
And I’m the main character.
Yeah My friend is écriture something to and its kinda bout the same thing but way different at the ame time.She has it up and sone1 a dit that it was like Twilight. Well toi can say mine is 2 but i starte driting it when i was 9. That was 2000. So enjoy.

Chapter One Truth
My mom drove me to Taylor’s house but no one was home. I really wasn’t surprised. Taylor hadn’t been accueil every time I came. “You can come back later. I have somewhere I have to be, “my mom said. I knew I had to work hard to keep the disappointment off my face. Before Taylor started hanging out with Sam we were attached...
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How To Be Productive: Understanding Time, Work and Creativity par Dr. Ken Atchity via Filmcourage.com.
Chapter 2
Three Months Earlier

There was not much bright where I was. Just dull, cheap lamp-light. Ya know? The cheap light that bulbs give off. Not until I stepped out into the golden hue of this evening’s sunset could I get a good picture with my eyes. I had been in a bar with my Friends or, as it’s usually called, my gang. It wasn’t a real rough bar, the one I had been in. there were a couple fights every so often, but not much. Gavin, the owner, was good about that. He didn’t want the fuzz montrer up all the time, so when he wanted a fight to stop, it stopped. He could persuade almost...
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posted by rory2011
chapter (1)

in 1980 ,the national museum in Vancouver -Canada were received many visitors, everyone was excited for the open of the room 780 ,the room have the old legend of the evil witch dead body
after three days every single person get into that room killed
three hundred person killed ,children ,parents ,teens
but the thing that drive the police crazy is that they found the bodies without blood and there's wasn't any blood in the crime scene
the government couldn't find anything that gather the victims with each other besides that all of them get into room780 in the national museum ,the government...
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posted by hgfan5602
How I long to be back in my sweet haven,
Covered in blankets,
Replenished with water and the works,
Right now.

I am not always so lucky to have one
For I am not your regular kid
Who always is lucky to have everything

I am not a kid
I am not a person with a home
I am...
An infamous vagabond
Known for many cases of murder
And everything that I consider to be
My hobby.

I l’amour being a bad vagabond.
Being bad's how I live.
So live with it.
ou get killed.
posted by Lore_Master
As the Hero awoke he found himself in a dark hallway "wha...what happened?" he thought to himself as he wondered aimlessly down the hallway trying to get his bareings, he saw a faint light flickering only for a moment giveing him only enough time to make out where he was "wait.... no it can't be." he a dit running down the hallway toward's the light, while he was running he noticed picture's of his family confirming exactly where he was "this couldn't be..... my old house burnt down 5 year's ago.." he a dit stopping to notice one of the door's open with barely any light barely any light comeing...
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