Poem #1: Seasons Change (Free verse)
Seasons change;
what does that mean?
It feels like magic.
As the cold fades away,
replaced par sunny warm days,
and the sun shines bright
in the era of Summer.
And the snow falls silently
and toi see your breath,
clouding the chilly air in the Winter.
Spring and Autumn, all their own,
after the winter days have flown.
Spring brings its joy with the crisp fresh air,
and Summer comes along,
Autumn follows par with the tumbling leaves,
as each season passes by,
I wonder what makes it change,
I guess I might never know
unless I try hard enough to see.
But if I must come to a conclusion now,
Be it magic? Science? No.
It's as simple as this:
Seasons change.
That's all I need to know. ★

Poem #2: Spring Is In The Air (Rhyming)
fleurs and bees,
birds and butterflies,
Here to pay a visit with a happy surprise.
When a warm vibe fills the air,
with the fleurs in bloom.
For defrosting the snow,
the warm sun will do.
The animaux frolicking
in flowery fields;
April showers are fine;
a roof is our shield.
I'm ever so glad
that Winter is done,
cold nights can't compare
to a warm, welcoming sun.
If Summer gets hotter,
and Winter was cold,
than I don't think Spring
will ever get old!
If it should be over,
let me say one thing.
I can't wait until suivant year;
It holds a new Spring! ★

Poem #3: Summer Fun (Also Rhyming)
Blue ocean waves;
Rolling, crashing.
Happy children;
Playing, splashing.
Fresh watermelon;
Hot dogs, sundaes.
Enjoy a nice picnic;
Score one for the fun days!
Sand and surf;
Salty seas.
Fresh Summer air
with a gentle breeze.
Relaxing and playing;
In the warm sun;
There's nothing else like Summer fun. ★

Poem #4: Autumn is Amazing (Rhyming)
Tumbling leaves from the trees are a wonder;
Flying in the crisp, chilly air that blows.
Not long until we see December;
Greeted with Winter when it snows.
Autumn is a season between two others;
Summer heat, and Winter cold.
While in September, Autumn is young;
The an is getting old.
As each jour passes in the Fall;
I know without a doubt,
that Autumn gives a warning call:
"The warmth is running out!"
The welcome in September;
to the coldest days within,
it's Autumn until December,
where Winter can begin. ★

Poem #5: Winter Wonders (Rhyming)
When Winter starts, we know that means
the an is almost done.
In January, we can say a new an has begun.
Spring and Summer flew way by,
And suivant up was the Fall.
It tried and succeeded at montrer signs;
it gave a warning call.
Now Winter first seemed cold and dreary,
long nights of staying home.
But Winter is a wonder, from the warm house to the snow.
Ice skating, sledding, snowmen.
Art from here to there.
Half the things are made of snow, that Nature wants to share.
Catching falling snowflakes,
Glistening ponds of ice.
From all the wonders I've watched and seen,
Winter is plus than nice.
If I could make it last forever,
I would make it so.
For Winter has so many wonders,
No matter where I go. ★

Poem #6: Seasons (Haiku)
All the seasons change.
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
Beauty in nature. ★

What did toi think? I really l’amour écriture poems about nature. Plus, if toi wanted to know, my favori season is Summer. I also like Spring. What's your favori season?