In a weekly "test" single people who are looking for a partner ask their mother and their best friend to help.Their mother chooses one partner and their best friend chooses another.The test is to see who can choose the best partner!
This week's single man is Richard Taylor,a 26-year-old musician from Southampton.His mother Meg chooses one girl,and his best friend Danny chooses another.Then Richard goes on a rendez-vous amoureux, date with each girl.Which girl does he prefer?Who knows him better,his mother ou his best friend?Who chooses the right girl for him?

"I usually work in England but sometimes I work abroad too.When I'm not working I like going to the cinema and eating in nice restaurants.I'm not very sporty and I don't do any exercise,but at least I don't smoke.

I think I'm open and friendly-I get on well with most people-but I'm sometimes quite shy too.For example,I don't like going parties.I prefer to meet Friends individually ou in small groups.

I like intelligent,funny women who make me laugh,and ideally who l’amour music.Physically I prefer women with dark hair who are not taller than me.And I like women who are good listeners.

I'm sure that my friend Danny knows me better than my family because we often talk about girlfriends and the problems we have.I don't usually talk to my family about that kind of thing.My mum always says that I look for the wrong kind of girl but that's what mothers always say!"