Dear Diary,

I hate my life now. I am now going against everything of what I stand for. It's all because of one stupid mistake. I can't write about it now. It's just too shameful to write about it. Today I mostly hung around my room. ou my new room in Jerry's house. Man I hate him so much now. toi are probably thinking Who are you? What are toi talking about?
I am Lily. I'm a super hero. Actually no I am not. I can die like a normal person but I can't get hurt easily. I have plus than one powers so I live a normal life span.
toi know I am actually not a super hero anymore but I'm working on that. My rival actually convinced me to be a villain par force but I think he doesn't know that I'm forming a plan to go back to my super hero mentor.
Jerry just knocked on my door asking "Hey help me rob a bank I need your super speed to help me escape,"
I rolled my eyes "Go to hell Jerry," I a dit pushing my lit up to the door blocking Jerry from getting in.
Already there sweetheart he thought "Oh come on Sweetheart come out I need you,"
"Dude no way I hate your guts," I said
I heard him sigh and murmur something. I think it was "I'm going to blow your door up,"
That was an heure il y a and he hasn't done it yet.
I wasn't always with him. I was with this woman named Jenny. She's a super hero too. I forgot what her power is. I'll write plus tomorrow.