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 White loup Pups With Blue Eyes
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Source: nationalgeographic.com
beautiful white loup pups with blue eyes
white loups
blue eyes
posted by Dudespie
The wolf. When most people think of a wolf, they think of a big, bad, snarling creature. loups aren't like that at all. They are just as afraid of toi as toi are to them. loups are social animals, but humans have driven them away par ruining their habitat, and destroying their packs. loups still roam the Earth, but are very rare in numbers. Many loups live in Idaho ou Canada, and even Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The loup is a stereotype. Take Little Red Riding capuche, hotte for example. In this story, the loup is the evil one. No loups would dress up as a grandma (duh!) And loups certainly...
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