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southern-belle posted on May 17, 2011 at 02:44PM
A pack of wolves who live so deep in the woods it seems to always be night.

Desired Rank(ie alpha beta hunter pup loner etc.)

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il y a plus d’un an southern-belle said…
24(wolf years)
Gray and Black
Half her face is black and half is gray.
Her eyes are ice blue.
Alpha Female

Milly's parent's were from enemy packs. when is was discovered they were together, both were shunned from their respective packs. together they started a new back deep in the woods. Eventually Milly's father's pack tried to take over the pack. Her father was killed but the pack was not lost. After Milly's mother died a few months later of a heart attack Milly took over the pack.
il y a plus d’un an griofthesky said…
22(wolf years)
pure white
eye's are grey
Omega male

A wolf who was kicked out of his pack for his pure white coloring and wanderd around the forest on his own for his whole life until Milly's pack found him and took him in.became omega and is happey where he is.
il y a plus d’un an InvadaMiz said…

Age:13 (wolf years)

Coloration:Ginger fur

Eye Color:gleaming silver eyes.


Markings:Silver Earings on her left ear, Gold on her right.long orange-ish tail.

Bio:Calli was born a rouge, her mother left her when she was very young.She was a house pet for awhile, explaining her earings.She was abandoned in the forest once again.She is a loner, at moonhigh, you can hear the song of sorrow that she howls from the top of a high mountain.
il y a plus d’un an dargox said…
Name: Blood
Age: looks 21 in wolf years but is really 20,000 years thanks to a cruse.
Color: (in pic)
Marking: Black stripes all the down his back that chages to blood red duringa full moon
Eye color: Green but changes to a glowing sky blue during a full moon.
Rank: lone alpha male

Bio: Blood has alway lone wolf cause every time he joins a pack after every first full moon they kick him out dew to a cruse that was place by a long dead witch.
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 Name: Blood Age: looks 21 in loup years but is really 20,000 years thanks to a cruse. Color: (in pi
il y a plus d’un an XxGoldenWolfxX said…
Age:13 in wolf years
Color:gold (duh!)
Markings:fire mark over eye and silver tipt tail
Eyes:Aqua blue
Rank: Alfa female
Bio:I was a good little pup playing in the woods till blood clan takes me away. A few years pass and I turn into a Alfa wolf. I know I'm younge. But I had to any way.
il y a plus d’un an chole785chole78 said…
Name NightDash
Age Unknown
Colors Dark deep Grey-black
Markings A weird imprint of an eagle on the underside of his front left paw
Eyes Black-purple
Desired Rank: Just a wolf.
Bio: Night is a wolf of NightPack. He is envious and wants to be the Alpha Male. His mate, MoonDusk, died a few years ago a few days before she had pups. She sometimes visits him in dreams and runs along side him.
il y a plus d’un an TheMystery said…
Name: Blaze
Age: Unknown
Colors: Coal Black fur
Markings: Rumours say he has a large scar across his eye
Eyes Light Honey Brown
Desired Rank: Loner but Alpha
Bio: I dont trust anything that moves. I Stay away from others, But somehow I've come across this pack... Could everything drastically change?
il y a plus d’un an Okami_Amaterasu said…
Name: Ammy
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Colour: White fur, red markings on the face -circle on forehead and sweeps under and above the eyes.
Eyes: Coal Black
Rank: Rogue
Bio: Mysterious, travels a lot, resembles a Wolf Goddess. Likes to keep to herself. But likes to help others in any way she can and enjoys the contact. New Wolf in the area.
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il y a plus d’un an brandonaz said…
Is this forum actually happening? Seems old, someone should start. :3

Name: Jax
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Color: Black with red streak from top of head to tip of tail
Markings: Red star shaped patch of fur on left shoulder, red lightning bolt through right eye
Eyes: Violet
Rank: Beta/Hunter
Bio: Young but wise beyond his years. Playful and social when things are calm but can be intense, protective, and vicious. New to the pack.
il y a plus d’un an Rival14 said…
Name: Arrow
Gender: Female
Age (In WolfYears): 14

Fur color: Light gray, dark gray, some black, and white.
Eyes: Lights, Icy blue.

Pack Rank: Warrior/Loner

Bio: She joined the pack when she was 11, and is pretty strong for her age. She lives in a cave alone in pack territory and watches out for danger or intruders during the night. She keeps a eye on new wolves because she is paranoid that a member from an enemy pack could join and signal an ambush.

 Name: Arrow Gender: Female Age (In WolfYears): 14 fourrure color: Light gray, dark gray, some black,
il y a plus d’un an Darkie-Blacky said…
Name: Dominic
Age: 29
Pack: Northern Wood; later part of the civil pack Albith
Rank: Beta of Northern Wood, Male Advisor of Albith
Here is Dominic, brother of Kyki and Sethora and an all around smart good wolfie. He tends to be very reserved, aloof, and logical rather than let his emotions rule him. He is very level-headed and tends to put his duty to his pack above himself, hence his slowness in looking for a mate. Right now he has no qualms living in his younger sister’s shadow and is more than happy to serve as her Beta, and later advisor when they take up residency in Albith.
 Name: Dominic Age: 29 Pack: Northern Wood; later part of the civil pack Albith Rank: Beta of North
il y a plus d’un an TOTEM said…
bio:fighter,big,funny,like hunting.