loups Darkness of the Heart: Chapter Three, Sensuke, the renard of the castor Dam River

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 29, 2012 at 10:54AM
While Daisy and Angel bickered in the bushes, a small fox darted past Lucky and Raven, they looked down and saw a trail of blood and that the dead wolf was gone.Raven chased after the fox, Lucky caught up and smiled at her.Angel stopped them in their tracks."Stop!You cannot catch Sensuke!She is the guardian of the river!"Angel growled."Fine, we'll go to fish."Raven said angrily.Daisy trotted up and smiled at Lucky."Hi."Daisy said in a flirty way.Raven picked up a rock and tossed it at Daisy, the rock hit Daisy's nose and the two growled at each other.Angel and Lucky sighed."Raven lets go fish."Lucky suggested.Raven looked at him and smiled."M'kay!"Raven said cheerfully.The two walked past Angel and Daisy, as if they weren't even there.Angel nudged Daisy forward, signalling her that they needed to go back to their den.Raven stood in the middle of the river and waited for a bass to pass by, when one did she pounced at where it is going to be, and caught it."Hey that was awesome!"Lucky said splashing through the river.Angel carried it to the bank and nibbled at it.

Lucky copied her movements and caught nothing."I was never good at catching fish."Lucky said with an embarrassed tone, he sat down, and sat on a fish.Lucky dug his claws into it and dragged it to the bank next to Raven."That's an unusual way to catch salmon."Raven teased."That's why my name is Lucky, like when I met you I was after a hare and I caught the fox instead."Lucky said.Raven stared in amazement, the sunlight glistened on the surface of the water, and Raven pushed the bass torwards Lucky."Try some!"Raven said.Lucky looked down at the fish, huge chunks were bitten out of it, he shrugged and ate a little.He spit it back out."Ew!"he yelled.Raven stared at him like he was crazy."Hey!"a small fox called from the opposite side the river.They assumed that this was Sensuke."Don't waste the fish from this river, one day, the fish could disappear and you'll all blame yourselves!"Sensuke snarled, then she turned around and walked away."That fox gives me the chills."Raven stated with her teeth chattering.

Lucky nodded in agreement and continued to eat his salmon.Sensuke darted past them and their fish were gone."Hey!What are you?!A hunter or a scavenger!?"Lucky snarled."Sensuke is obviously too small to catch his own meals, Lucky."Raven argued.The two had eaten enough and just skipped and trotted back to their den playfully.The next morning Raven woke up while Lucky was still sleeping peacefully.A shot of pain surged through Raven's ear, Lucky was nibbling it in his sleep.Raven jerked her head away, she rubbed her ear carefully with her paw.She stood up and stretched.There was a sweet smell coming from outside the den so she wandered out and found a chocolate bar lying on the ground, she knew not to eat it so she burried it so it wouldn't attract other animals.Lucky woke up and saw her trying to climb a tree.Lucky padded out and looked at her like she was insane."Did you suddenly switch brains with a bear?"Lucky asked sarcastically."Give me a boost."Raven said.Lucky crouched down under her, she put her hind legs on his back, he lifted her up and she started eating the honey from the small hollow, a bee stung her and she fell over.She toppled onto Lucky, they both laughed and got back onto their feet.Sensuke wasn sitting there watching them, smiling.

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