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"The truth beneath the rose"
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"Shot In The Dark"

I’ve been left out alone like a damn criminal
I’ve been praying for help cause I can’t take it all
I’m not done,
It’s not over.
Now I’m fighting this war since the jour of the fall
And I’m desperately holding on to it all
But I’m lost
I’m so damn lost

Oh I wish it was over,
And I wish toi were here
Still I’m hoping that somehow

‘Cause your soul is on fire
A shot in the dark,
What did they aim for when they missed your heart?

I breathe underwater
It’s all in my hands
What can I do?
Don’t let it fall apart
A shot in the dark

In the blink of an eye
I can see through your...
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Her full name is Sharon Janny tanière, den Adel

Sharon tanière, den Adel was born on the 12 july 1974

Her hobbies are:Fantasy books, movies, her chats Haplo and Lola, badminton, football, valleyball, painting, being outdoors

Sharon studied fashion, has a bachelors degree in fashion management, and has worked as a stylist and designer before becoming full-time musician


Her favourite cocktail is Piña Colada

Sharon is a semi-vegetarian; her favourite nourriture is sushi

At the age of 13, Sharon played five years in a band called "Koshiro" doing blues-rock (mainly cover songs)

Sharon is usually very nervous before going...
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