Welcome to Waterworld, one of the 90's most expensive budgeted films of all time. And also welcome visitor to this article for this his movie Waterworld. And here is my review of this movie, and the reasoning of why I l’amour this movie and here we go.

Way back in 1995 this movie came out to theatres in the UK. Sadly back then I was just a an too young to watch it as it was one of the very first films to have the rating 12 certification. But I did not know much about this movie then. Until in 1996 I discovered it. And it was then I was old enough to watch it on VHS at the time.

And when I first saw it I was simply blown away with the introduction and prologue of this movie. With the opening sequence then onto the main character "The Mariner" Kevin Costner. He also is the person who helped make this movie too. Did toi know that 95% of the movie was shot at sea.

Then there is the movie's main antagonist, "The Deacon" Dennis Hopper, one of my most favourite actors of all time ever. And he played that role perfectly, he is the leader of the "Smokers" on the "Deez" short for Exxon Valdez. Oil Tanker.

Also the other main characters were "Helen" Jeanne Tripplehorn, "Enola" Tina Majorino, and also "Gregor" Michael Jetter. The residents of the Atoll clan. Filled with desperate people trying to find "Dryland" with makeshift and dilapidated vessels to help keep them afloat.

Now I will not give out any spoilers here unless toi have not seen it yet. But I have donné toi a skeleton feel of the movie. So all toi have to do is simply watch it whenever toi can. But those that have seen it, ou are a member of this fan club know, it was one of your favourites.

This article is also to celebrate it's 20'th anniversary too.

So I Royal Satanas, the founder of this club would like to say thank toi for lire this article about this movie. See toi in Waterworld.