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posted by shadow0206
Dark wind is a black she-cat with a white paw
Gender: female
Mate: Tangleshadow

She is a competiteve she-cat with a bit of evil in her blood par her old uncle scourge

Shes a little she cat with alot of power
If u call her small u die :)

Omg i just noticed that gotham spells got ham :) :p
And that i l’amour red vs blue " what is not to understand about swish swish stab" MDR i l’amour it tucker :D

Lillypaw is her apprentice lillypaw is a dappled black shecat

Like it :)
posted by fanowarriorcats
Ok so I write about my cat? I'm gonna do it any way ghosttail a light greyblue manteau green eye that refect light VARY good making them almost glow large bulky but quite soft fuzzy tail he's a loner (if not thubderclan) he dosent talk much dosnt fear pain ou death making him close to insane rude but loyal to his clan Vary strong smart Rebelle loyal ideal warrior he likes to sneak and scare others but he's over trusting and just plain dumb foolish rude but not ambishos (note my bad spelling) he will protect others and probly won't make it to suivant winter
i AM leader of thunderclan,and my mate is firestar.my mother is silverstream and my father

is graystripe.in my stories silverstream will not be dead.stormfur and feathertail are my

litter mates.i have ginger colored fur. i do not look like my parents ou my litter mates.

i look like my great uncle oakheart.bluestar is my great aunt.crookedstar was my mate

before firestar.thunderstar had been my first ever mate.Sol a male cat had been my friend

since i met him walking par windclan territory.i am half windclan half thunderclan but

mostly thunderclan.i am an immortal cat.raggedstar was also my mate once.onestar had

saved me from a renard attack. i know so many cats. i know every cat from every clan.

i have known every cat of starclan since i was a small kit.

and that is all toi need to know about me
toi can be from either thunderclan,shadowclan,windclan,starclan, ou riverclan. toi can b e a warrior,leader,apprentice,or a medicine cat. toi get to chose your name.and toi can find a cat picture from Google ou toi can just tell me what toi want to look like. PLEASE get message me before toi start. And i am hazelstar i am a dark ginger she-cat with hazel eyes i am leader of thunderclan. any of toi who want to rejoindre thunderclan tell me and i will decide to make toi either apprentice,deputy,medicine cat,or warrior. but those of toi who want to be in other clans toi juat tell me what toi want to be. AND EVERYONE WHO BECOMES A PART OF THIS FANFICTION PLEASE fan ME. thank you.