personnages de Walt Disney Out of my fan-casting for a live-action remake of Peter Pan, which do toi think is the best choice?

Pick one:
Noah Schnapp as Peter Pan
Millie Bobby Brown as Wendy Darling
Reese Witherspoon as La Fée Clochette (Yes, I know she's already been cast as Tink)
Alan Cumming as Captain Hook/Mr.Darling
Joshua Rush as John Darling
Jacob Tremblay as Michael Darling
Finn Wolfhard as Slightly
Gaten Matarazzo as Nibs
Jeremy rayon, rayon, ray Taylor as Cubby
Noah Jupe as The Twins
Raphael Alejandro as Tootles
Leslie Jordan as Mr. Smee
Amy Adams as Mrs. Darling
Ida King as Tiger Lily (She's the only suitable actress I could find)
Zahn McClaron as The Chief
Bella Thorne as Mermaid 1
Pepi Sonuga as Mermaid 2
Arden Cho as Mermaid 3
Naomi Scott as Mermaid 4
Vanessa Hudgens as Mermaid 5
Sofia Carson as Mermaid 6
Auli'i Cravalho as Mermaid 7
 KataraLover posted il y a 9 mois
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