personnages de Walt Disney ★ Battle of the Disney Princesses - Princess Jasmine: What place does jasmin have on your favori DP List? ★

Pick one:
★ 1st Place: She's the Best! haut, retour au début of the Pops! ★
★ 2nd Place: Only *Insert DP's Name* beats her, par a tiny bit ★
★ 3rd Place: She's In my haut, retour au début 3! Way to go, Jasmine! ★
★ 4th Place: How can toi not l’amour such a Exotic Princess? ★
★ 5th Place: Still a great achievement for the Princess of Agrabah ★
★ 6th Place: There's still some l’amour for jasmin in my cœur, coeur ★
★ 7th Place: She's Okay, but I like some of the other DPs plus ★
★ 8th Place: I have a love/hate relationship with this Princess ★
★ 9th Place: Sorry jasmin ★
★ 10th Place: Uff! *Get's attacked par Princess Jasmine* ★
★ 11th Place: Sorry Jasmine, but I really don't like you! ★
 PrueFever posted il y a plus d’un an
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