Guys, Attention Please
There is a very very very good news
I heard that PKYEK seasen-2 is coming between 18 march-23 march 2112 .I visit on sukriti's real Facebook (with her proof)she a dit that k pkyek-2 changed its name- FANNA and misha(priya wal) is not in the serial.she miss her.Pkyek-2(fanna)'s set is very fabulas she like it so much! On shooting's first jour vahbiz come with vivian to support him.

There is a bad news too,
she a dit that k vivian has kept the contract of #pyarkiekkahani a side and searching for new serials and has already fines one shikhar if it'll seem upprofitable for him so, he'll rejoindre us otherwise he goes on with that..)';