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 Cube Quest
Cube Quest
I realized the other jour that I've finally read my last "Best 10 arcade games of all time" list. They're very limited, and they tend to have the same games, listed over and over. Usually I don't agree with the choices, either. The games that I've been most passionate about over the years are generally ones that don't make it onto such lists. So here, without further ado, is an off-the-cuff liste of the Best Arcade Games Ever. These are the games that, had I room, I would purchase and rebuild for a accueil arcade, as I wouldn't get tired of playing any of them.

Early games
In the beginning, video...
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Lately all I seem to care about would be Dragon Age. The universe, the characters, the story, everything. So here is a liste of my favourite DA characters :) Please note that this liste will be excluding the Warden, the Champion and the Inquisitor. So no sassy-Hawke here I'm afraid!

Honourable mention: Dog.
My mabari Barkspawn is a cutie.

10. Sandal
Enchantment! Ah yes, the supposedly simple (although I'm not buying it) Dwarf with a talent for enchantments comes in at number 10. He is such a sweet character and many times I've found myself laughing at his odd charm. And yes, do I find the...
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Hello there! Welcome to a new series of mine where I take a good old jars, gander at some classic games from my childhood. I'll say what I like, what I don't like, what toi can do to beat the game, and how good the titre is overall.

This is like a guide AND a review, so keep that in mind while reading. Hope toi enjoy!

Also, since episode #1 of this series is one of the hardest goddamn games to exist on this side of the Earth, there will be profanity in this article.


SO yeah, today's titre is a Sega Genesis game par the name of Dr. Robotnik's Mean haricot, fève Machine. Released on November 26, 1993...
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