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I've realised that loads of people have called Trina a "monster" "untalented" ou other rude names. I l’amour Trina. Ever since "Freak the Freak Out" when she took on 3 GUYS and beat them up. I l’amour it when girls are strong, I like how Trina can beat someone up if she tried and how she is very confident. I find her funny.

Loads of people say that Trina is untalented and always ask the overasked question "How did she get into Hollywood Arts" and because I'm generous I will tell toi how she got into Hollywood Arts. She auditioned and she passed. That is how she got into the school and Trina is very...
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Well i think andre is plus of the musical one.andre spices things up. Him and tori made up a son. Forgot thename of it in all i want is everything andre looks really hot who noticed???..., robbie is plus of a little wimpy kid i think he would die for rex. But even though his character is weird i would not want the directer to change the way he acts not one bit. Robbie cant really get any girls...., omg trina thinks she is so freakin populaire yeah right. LOL!!!!!. She seems as if she really cant get any Friends she is always with tori and cat and them. She aint a popstar and cant sing she acting.....
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posted by LLCoyote
Just curious if anyone else was let down par the new Victorious. Not only did it have surprisingly littl Jade for an episode with her name in the title. (Though the parts she did do were AMAZING). But am I the only one that feels the writers kind of pooped out on the plot? I mean it could have been REALLY cool. Jade and Beck could have found out, maybe Beck would get jealous (something I think should happen to him since he makes Jade jealous on purpose) even a small argument ou talk about feelings. We didn't get that though. All we got was Jade chant (gosh I l’amour Liz's voice!) Andre' making...
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