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fanstruck20 posted on Jul 26, 2013 at 10:57PM
movies: hsm1-3 bandslam, beastly ,Thunderbird, frozen ground, shelter
spring breakers, journey 2 mysterious island.

songs: amazed, breaking free, identified, first bad habit ,set it off,
baby come back to me, let's go, hook it up ,don't ask why, paper cut
did it ever cross your mind say ok let's dance sneakernight
last night , psychic, drive, don't leave party on the moon
gone with the wind , rather be with you, whatever will be
lose your love.

album: v identified sneakernight let's dance hsm.

commercial: echo red neutrogena Kohl's candies girls reese puffs sears back to school.
vanessa basic info: height 5-1 age 24 birthday December 14 1988
nickname baby v nessa v hudgens vh.
pet name shadow.
vanessa main talent acting & singing.

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