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posted by sicelyarien
Oh Naruto never before have I seen toi like this. Never before in such a way. Never before so full of hate,...the hate.... now over flowing incasing your body, oh Naruto. I hear a monsterous scream leave your mouth is it you, is it toi naruto? toi sound, toi look as if toi are in pain. I fill with rage, how dare the white haired boy call toi a are not. How dare he call toi pathetic.I whant to hurt him, I want to blame him, I hear toi scream onece more, and I know, I can not blame anybody but myself.

This is my fault, asking him to save sasuke.... was i sooo week, and all i did was crie. I see him blame himself and I seen him shed those tears. And I had blamed him deep in side I-I blamed him? For I was to week to blame myself. He was doing this for me, causing himself such extreme pain and sadness, no i was causing him such extremre pain in sadness.

I cant stand it! I run towards toi my face being moisend par my tears. I ignore the warnings of are captain. "Naruto! enough naruto, i'll-i'll rescu Sasuke! I stop only a few Feet from you. toi sharply turn towards me, no this is not you, this thing this demon is not you, and it's my fault.

It was to quick i couldnt get out of the way, you, no! the demon struck me.

Was this your un knowing refeng on me naruto? For all the pain toi have indourd? I feel the pain from my arm start to flow throughout my body. I drift into a fog.. then into a black.

I sit up, the white haired boy is gone, in a flash the captain has toi in some sort of prison the hate leaves the out side of your body leaving toi burnt and yelling in pain.

I cant learn that jutsu, its not fair only small things i can do for.

toi awaken i wipe the tears from my face and of course toi a dit somthing that was ofensive and I hit you, but I didnt mean it Naruto I didnt mean it.

We stand in the gaint canyon.... toi dont rember this naruto?

toi see the gash on my arm and asked how I received it and, I lie to toi Naruto for toi dont diserv any plus pain.
But I do.

Sorry for some miss spellings and i do like sakura so this is not a sakura bashing.
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posted by Yunaxoxo
Konoha (The Village Hidden in the Leaves) 12 years ago: The village is attacked par a vicious Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. In a final act to defeat the demon, the Fourth Hokage sealed its essence within the body of a baby boy. :)

In the present, the child Naruto Uzumaki attends a Ninja Academy; however because of the incident 12 years prior many in the village see him as the demon itself. Not understanding why the people hate him so, he resorts to pranks and other acts to gain attention. He has a dream is to become the greatest Hokage so he can gain acknowledgment and respect. One day, after failing his graduation exam for the third time, an instructor named Mizuki convinces him to steal a sacred scroll so he can become plus powerful. The instructor has other plans however, as he follows Naruto and tells him a terrible secret. :(