Usher Survey

Becccc posted on May 17, 2011 at 07:20AM
Hi everyone,

my name is Rebecca and I'm conducting a survey for a research project I'm currently doing at uni.

I would really appreciate if you would take the time to answer these short questions. It will only take about 15 minutes. I may use your answers in my assignment, but the survey is completely anonymous and I will not use your name or any other information about you at any time. The final assignment will not be published anywhere, it is only done for the purpose of this subject.

If you want to help me with this; please answer the following questions and send them back to me (


1. Are you aged 18 or older? If you are not over 18 please exit the survey, thank you for your time.
2. Are you a male or a female?
3. Why do you like Usher?
4. When did you start liking him?
5. Do you remember why you first started liking him?
6. Did you first start liking him because of a particular event, or at a particular moment?
7. Do you identify with him?
8. What do you have in common with him?
9. What impact has being a fan of Usher had on your life?
10. Have you made any changes to your life as a result of your admiration of him?
11. In what ways do you express your passion for him?
- Go to concerts
- Buy albums
- Buy other merchandise
- Look up information on the internet
- Talk to other fans on the internet
- Other?
12. Are you a member of an Usher fansite or fan club?
13. Have you ever created any material of your own about him?
14. If so, what kinds of things have you created (scripts, videos, mashups, articles, blogs, pictures, events etc.)?
15. Are you active in online forums connected to Usher (or chat rooms)?
16. Do your friends like him?
17. How do you find information about him?
18. What has changed over the years since Usher first became popular?
19. How have new technologies changed things for Usher fans?
20. Do you feel like you have a connection with the him?
21. Have you gotten to know new people because you both liked him?
22. If so: Is this online or in offline life?
23. Do you enjoy talking to other people who like Usher?
24. Any further comments?

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