In Underworld 4 we know that Selene has an immortal daughter who inherited the same genes as Michael. We also know that in the beginning of the movie it was not stated that Selene was pregnant with their child. It was only being seen when Selene was trapped in a lab and her daughter was the least likely to help her. Because we knew that she did not even know she had a daughter. She believed it was Michael. The best part of the movie is where Selene and her daughter Eve *though it was not stated in the movie* fought together like mother like daughter. So if they found Michael they would become unstoppable and invinsible. What a beautiful thought and what a great idea knowing that nothing can stop them. The Unholy Family... The three if them together reminds me of Lestat, Louis, Claudia. I know Louis's a guy but the thought just came to my head that's all... Anyways like i a dit before... The trio fighting to reclaim the world is the best thing that has ever happened!!! par the way has anybody have an idea when Underworld 5 would be released and who would be portraying the main characters? Please tell me c:

thanks and pls after toi read this please commentaire and give me topics to write about.

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