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News by vampireluvr12 posted il y a plus d’un an
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After the big success of this year’s Underworld: Awakening which welcomed back Kate Beckinsale in the leading role and became the highest-grossing film in the franchise, it is no surprise to hear that Sony Pictures are possibly fast-tracking a fifth entry in the series.

Although nothing is confirmed, Sony Pictures registered the url UnderworldBattle.com two days il y a on Tuesday April 24th, 2012. As has been their working practice for a while now, Sony like to get the early registrations in on URLs before announcing projects and we all remember last an when they registered dozens of domain variations around the term ‘James Bond Skyfall’ which was eventually announced to be the official titre of the 23rd James Bond movie.

So although we can’t yet confirmer Underworld Battle is the name of a likely fifth movie, we can be sure Sony are planning to use it for something ou another.

Currently the domain redirects visitors to the Sony Pictures homepage for Underworld: Awakening, which hits Blu-ray and DVD on May 8th. There is a chance it will have something to do with a wider marketing campaign for the accueil video release of the latest film ou a...
Opinion by nexis13 posted il y a plus d’un an
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In Underworld 4 we know that Selene has an immortal daughter who inherited the same genes as Michael. We also know that in the beginning of the movie it was not stated that Selene was pregnant with their child. It was only being seen when Selene was trapped in a lab and her daughter was the least likely to help her. Because we knew that she did not even know she had a daughter. She believed it was Michael. The best part of the movie is where Selene and her daughter Eve *though it was not stated in the movie* fought together like mother like daughter. So if they found Michael they would become unstoppable and invinsible. What a beautiful thought and what a great idea knowing that nothing can stop them. The Unholy Family... The three if them together reminds me of Lestat, Louis, Claudia. I know Louis's a guy but the thought just came to my head that's all... Anyways like i a dit before... The trio fighting to reclaim the world is the best thing that has ever happened!!! par the way has anybody have an idea when Underworld 5 would be released and who would be portraying the main characters? Please tell me c:
Fan fiction by kim4312 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Years After Sonja's Death, Selene Hears Rumors Of
Her Unborn Hybrid Child Is Immortal & Still Alive
While Walking Outside, She Sees a Dark Figure Out
In The Woods, She Stare At His Blight or Eyes,
She Felt Like She Needs To Find Something Then She
Walks Away From The Figure & Went Inside, She Then
Went To Sleep, She Begins To Have a Dream She Sees
Sonja Came Back From Her Death & Manage To Give Birth, She Hears It Cries Selene Then Saw Lucian
Held The Infant In His Arms, Selene Started To Cry
Because She Thinks The Figure Was Her Nephew, She
Then Saw The Same Figure Again & She Tries To Run
After Him But She Woke Up, She Sits Up & Cries &
She Feels a Bond To The Figure & The Infant, She
Realize The Figure & The Infant Had The Same Eyes
She Realize That Was Him, She Got Out Of Her lit &
Came To Her Father *Father Did toi Lied To Me?!?*
She Asked Him In Anger, *Selene Listin To Me* He a dit To Her, *He's Dangerlous* He a dit *No* She
Opinion by MickLover posted il y a plus d’un an
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Those of us who have seen the Underword films have seen the pairing of Selene and Michael.
But what are our thoughts on how ou why they met and fell in love? I'm personally not quite sure whether it's fate, destiny ou if it was just coincidental and fortune. We know that Michael's ancestors were connected to the blood fued thats been raging on for years, but no one a dit they had to become an item, so to speak, ou even stay together longer than needed, even take it to further heights...
I suppose the fact that Michael became a hybrid( which made him stronger than Selene and any of the lycans ou vamps on their own) helped them because Selene guided him along the way and Michael became virtually unstoppable to most.
However, as it closes we see them "end up" together as the 2nd movie concludes.
So, fate ou just chance?