Sasuke Ichiwa Who Do Toi Think Is Plus Compatible For Sasuke

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me (: hahah jk
me (: hahah jk
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hinata ohh yeah ^_^
hinata ohh yeah ^_^
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1. sasuke is gay . 2. he is with Naruto 3 . either...
1.sasuke is gay . 2. he is with Naruto 3 . either that ou his bro !
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No one!!!!
No one!!!!
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No one.......btw that pic of Naruto and saske is just so wrong
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tenten!!! wait.........yea
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me of course
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Me the Sasuke&# 39; s future bride~
Me the Sasuke's future bride~
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He dosnt care for a l’ amour all he ever wants is...
He dosnt care for a l’amour all he ever wants is revenge so leave him alone about it
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déplacer over, he's mine.
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