sakura:Sasuke! why go always run us! toi are idiot!
sasuke: Me? I am a idiot? idiot is who loves toi sakura! to toi between right mind does not l’amour toi sakura!
sakura: what? no no toi are a big idiot! always seek revenge but do not see how hurt< saying she pulling it>
sasuke: toi are a nuisance!
^^removing the dagger went bihind her said^^
bye bye sakura!
sakura: sa su ke! what toi doing?
sasuke: I wanted to do at the kill!
thwarting me quite!if kill toi can easly finish revenge!
sasuke: Kakashi come after you!
sakura:not anymore!
sasuke:because who were longer now I am stronger,worse,and I hate toi all
dugger stuck in sakura sasuke
sakura:sasuke.......kun<she a dit and die>