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Emma Pov

"McKenzi Shae Hollis!" She knew she was in trouble. She walked in, her blonde bob hiding her face. "Did toi break this?" I asked pointing to the picture frame.

"I didn't mean to, Momma! Miles and me was running and I bumped into the table, tableau and it fell down and Miles told me not to tell toi so I didn't and he set it back up on the table, tableau and we ran." Miles did have some of Aaron's mischeviousness.

"Miles Spencer Hollis!" I yelled for him.

He walked in suivant with his head bowed also. "Why did toi tell your sister to not tell?"

"Because she would get in trouble." He didn't like it when she was...
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posted by Tatti
I woke up before the dawn. Embry was still sleeping and I didn't want to disturb him, he needed as much rest as possible. I stared at the sky feeling how ironic the situation was - I was happy despite the fact that this jour might be a disaster. I knew that it would be logical to fear before the battle but I couldn't think about anything else besides the gorgeous guy suivant to me. I closed my eyes and silently prayed for him. I wouldn't bare if anything will happen to him.
Suddenly I heard a howling and Embry jumped on his feet terrified.
"What does it mean? Did the fight start?" I asked hoping...
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2 years later

It has been 2 years since edward left me,the fist mois was really hard but vickie helped me and Harry's wife sue watched when i was at school ou went out with jake.Me and jacob started to hang out plus and plus and pritty soon i fell in l’amour with the big wolf.
Jacob was finishing his last an of school and i was already finished and i was waiting for him so we could go to collage together,so when he was at school i took vickie out!
Vickie was four years old and she knew something was wrong,she stopped saying 'where's awice' ou 'where's ewine' 3 months after they left.i was...
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posted by Edward_lover101
Why was I smelling gasoline? Then James walked though the door. He was carring a dead animal. He threw it in the ground, he poored gasilone on it. Then he set it on fire.
"That's what will happen to toi if toi do mange to escape the electric bars. toi see, I don't want to hurt you. Bella, Victoria was just a test to see if I could find someone that I loved plus than her. And I was right." He chuckled. Then he left the room. Leaving the dead animal burning. It was a good thing that this room was made of concreat. 2 hours have passed. I took out my cell phone and dialed Edwards number.
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posted by Edward_lover101
I must have fallen asleep. Again. When I woke up I was in a car. Edward had me acrosed his lap. We passed a sign that a dit New Hampsure 20 miles suivant right. I groned. Edward looked at me, with consern.
"Carlisle she is waking up."
"It's ok Edward, she is fine. toi might want to talk to her, she calms down when she hears your voise."
"Bella, can toi hear me? It's all right love, we are here."
"Where are we." I said
"New Hampsure. We are staying at a house that I bought."
"You bought a house?"
"Yeah." We drove up to a huge white house. This thing was 2 stories tall. Edward carried me to what would...
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posted by Edward_lover101
Finally! The weekend is here. I packed my bag, and got ready to spend the weekend with Alice. What Charlie dosen't know is that, everyone is going hunting. Except Edward. Alice picked me up in Edwards Volo. She drove us to her house. Everyone was there excpet Edward. Where was he? "Alice where is Edward." "Dont worry, Bella. Edward went hunting so that it would be easier for him to be around you." She took me to Edwards room. There was like 100 yrs. worth of journals. He also had a lot of music. He had a lot of my favorites. Clare De Lune, Debb Usee. I pushed play on the CD player. There was...
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posted by angiehomas
how frustrating life can be to many centurys of the same thing.always searching never finding what i am looking for.jumping from one figure to the can i intraduce myself when i have no permanent form to call my to explain.i can take on any form of my choosing i have been nearly every animal i have even been the wind blowing through ones nose and out the mouth that was extremly weird.i have been dirt of which toi walk on doors being closed.i am not whole because until i find my soulmate i cannot find a permanent body.all of them creatures i have inhabited and there enampt chatter...
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