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posted by LexisFaith
Good news ou bad news first? Good news? Great choice. The good news is, I'm back :) The bad news is, Bella's still missing. . .sorry.
Edward POV Flashback

I ran up to my father's suit and pounded my fist on the door loudly and until the door finally swung open. "Son? What's wrong?" My mother saw the panic etched on my face.
"Bella." I walked in the suit. "She's gone."
"Where did she go?"
"I don't know!" I ran my hand thorugh my hair. "The gil at the front bureau a dit a man with blond hair took her. I think Jame's has her!"
"Wait just a minute." My...
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posted by LexisFaith
So as of right now I'm haulting all of my fanfictions besides Unpredictable and Undeniable because I have writer's block. I have a new story swimming around in my head but I'm not so sure I should write it because my stories aren't getting as many commentaires as All for the l’amour of Sin. I understand toi liked that one best but that doesn't mean toi should give up on my other stories. If toi are lire them, PLEASE commentaire so I will know.

So this suivant thing is a discription of the one that is swimming around. commentaire and let me know if toi would like to read it!!!

Edward Cullen is a Junior at Dartmouth...
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posted by groovychicklisa
21 pistolets


It was a relief to finally leave Alice and Jasper's apartment after lunch – I knew that they were only jouer la comédie out of concern for me, but they had been watching my every déplacer all day. I loved them for caring, of course, but having them constantly hovering was getting really annoying.

I found 21st Century Breakdown in the gant compartment of the Accord, and turned the volume up as I pulled into the traffic on Seaview Avenue. While I drove to Ben and Angela's place I tried to focus on the musique and keep my mind from wandering. I skipped ahead, and Know toi enemy blared from the...
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Chapter 16-Beginning of Eternity

^^Yours and Emmett's twin boys^^

Carlisle has 4 huge coolers stocked up fwith animal blood. toi are feeding on it with 1 glass 3 times a day. Emmett is par your side at all times. Alice and Rosalie are helping toi in anyway they can and Esme is there for toi as well. Edward and Jasper and Carlise hunt the blood for toi but Edward and Jasper always find a way to make toi laugh when they play fight with Emmett. Your belly has gotten big. toi looked like toi were 9 months and ready to pop.

As toi were waiting for your last glass of the night before toi "try" to sleep...
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The Character

Name: Heidi

Type: Vampire

Special Ability: Lures People/Fisher

About Them: Heidi is a member of the Volturi in Italy. She is know as the fisherman and the bait. She lures humans to the Volturi for various reasons including to be the suivant meal. Beautiful beyond description and the perfected image of grace, Heidi tempts all she comes near. She appears heartless (no pun intended) as she enjoys and relishes her job and has no pity on any who suffer under her suffocating presence. We first meet Heidi when she in counters Edward Bella underneath Volterra: "She was dressed to emphasize that...
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 Can't toi see the resemblance? (look at pic of Nessie)
Can't you see the resemblance? (look at pic of Nessie)
1) Ask Victoria if she really wants to kill Bella because she and Edward were together but had a hectic relationship and she was just jealous that he moved on
2) Ask if James really died par looking at her
3) Call her Raggedy Ann
4) Tell her that when Charlie found her footprint in the mud, he thought Bigfoot was on the loose in Forks, Washington!
5) Sit suivant to her and keep whispering, "James is dead, James is dead, Edward killed him, James is dead, Edward killed him because of Bella...."
6) Advise her to go change only redheaded people so it'll be the 'attack of the Redheads'
7) Tell Victoria that...
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posted by CharmedVamp101
I watched her come out of the room where she spent the last week getting better. She walked over to where I stood, waiting to take her to her apartment. I thought about how much Bella had meant to me, how much she had changed me. I thought about how easy it was to forget her now that my existence finally had a true meaning. I remember how I used to think that Bella was the whole point of my existence, how she was what kept me alive, but I now knew that she was just to help me control myself for the only true l’amour I could have. I saw through Sam's mind how Emily was his whole world. I knew...
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