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This la saga Twilight photo contains béret vert, forces spéciales, soldat d'élite, soldat d’élite, fatigues, fatigue, and tenue de combat. There might also be fusilier, carabinier, joint de marine, le joint, joint d'étanchéité de marine, navy seal, seal, and acajou.

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Hey, guys! Finally had some time to write this today. Let me know what toi think!!

I paced anxiously in front of Alice at the mouth of the cave. Her blank expression, which happened whenever she had a vision, always sent me into a slight panic.
Her eyes refocused on me, and she rolled her eyes. "Relax, please. It's too bad that that empathy stuff doesn't work on you. toi could really use it sometimes. I don't know why my visions send toi into such a panic. It's irritating, really..."
"What did toi see, Alice?" Though I probably already knew.
"It's the fifth vision of them I've had this week,...
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