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 Rob pattinson
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Chapter 8

As soon as Aro heard my words, he sprung. But he didn’t land on my back; he was far too cunning for that. No, he landed on Jane’s back, his teeth just millimetres from her throat. “What if I killed Jane” he hissed ‘Would toi rejoindre us secondes before the final blow was delivered?””
Jane shot me a frightened, pleading look. It killed me to see her like this, but it killed me plus to say the word
Aro laughed. “Oh, toi know me too well. I’d never kill Jane. No, I have far better plans than that” He laughed again “Jane, toi know what to do” Aro turned back to...
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Petroleum Jelly
small microwavable bowl (discardable)
Stirrer (discardable spoon ou skewer)
Eyeshadow ou body shimmer ou pigment (the color toi want your lipgloss)
Lipgloss container w/ lid

1.scoop some petroleum gelée in the small microwavable bowl (more petroleum plus lipgloss!)

2.Microwave for 5minutes ou until completely melted.

3.Take out the melted petroleum gelée (carefull it's hot) and scoop in some eyeshadow for color. Put eyeshadow until toi reach your desired shade.

4.Mix the mixture well. Then carefully pour the mixture into the container.

5.put the lipgloss in the container in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.

Tip: To make flavored lipgloss mix in kool-aid to the melted petroleum instead then continue regularly.(careful WILL stain lips)
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salut everyone, here's a sneck prévisualiser of my new story which is titled as Destiny... I just wrote a few pages and wanted some opinion from everyone!!! Hope toi enjoy this!!!



I found myself standing in the very woods that I’d promised to stay away from but I had my reasons for being here. It was getting darker and colder so I wrapped my veste around me tighter. The woods were filled with silence and I looked around for any signs of the slayer. As I heard the leaves on the ground rustling, I turned around and there he appeared from...
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feu in the water
breaking dawn part 2
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Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
Bella Swan
Edward Cullen
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Finally finished part four. Its not the most interesting but I hope toi like it

Edwards POV

It was just another normal day. There was a new girl, who every male was already picturing them with. She had long brown hair and muddy brown eyes. She went par the name of Isabella although she preferred Bella. I didn’t really see what was so special about her. She was looking at us but we didn’t pay any attention. I was surprised to hear her asked the other human girl, Jessica, who we were. “Who are they?” Bella asked throwing a glance in our direction. I looked from Jessica to Bella who quickly...
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"momma someone wants to talk to you" i told her better give her a little warnining
"ok darling"
grandma renne held out her hand for the phone and hasterly i gave it to her
"hello bella" i tried to listern to what mums reaction to her own mums song
i could here her breath in as she recognis the voise
"mum!?" she almost cried
"hello hunny i wonted to speak to toi and hear your voise to see if your allright and now i know i guess .."
"mum wait i wonted toi to know that i wanted to tell toi but thing i mean life is compliscated at the moment toi see"...
i could hear her débats weather ou not to tell...
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‘Twilight’ effect?

par Michael Inbar contributor

Names from Stephanie Meyer’s series of vampire novels and their hit film spin-offs sank their teeth into the liste of most populaire baby names this year, with Jacob and Isabella (the long form of Bella, Meyer’s heroine) topping the respective lists for boys and girls, and Cullen rising faster than any other boy’s name.

While Jacob held sway for the 11th consecutive an as the most populaire baby boy name in the U.S., Isabella edged out last year’s most populaire girl name, Emma, in the liste compiled annually par the Social Security Administration.

The list, released Friday, showed some movement from the 2008 list: Jayden and Noah climbed into the haut, retour au début 10 for boy names, while Mia made a bow in the girl haut, retour au début 10 list.

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posted by EdwardCullen604
sorry it took so long.This Chapter is dedicated to Vanillamoon08!

i was still in shock. secondes before i'd expected Leah to land on me a sand coloured loup had lept on her. Seth i'd thought immediately. i couldn't stand par and watch them rip each others heads off, but what if i got involved and they both turned on me. Why would that matter? whats plus important Seth ou me? Seth ofcourse. I have to stop them i thought and so i lept at Leah i pinned her to the ground but did not attack her Seth would be upset later if i hurt his sister. Leah growled and wriggled trying to break free of my hold...
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