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posted by DarkStranger
the funniest thing is, that I don't know why it took me so long to write this chapter. I didn't wanted to write today, but when I read all the comment's, I changed my mind. So... hope toi like it :)

Still Edward POV (when Bella leaves)

It took two secondes to understand what Bella said. And one seconde to stand up and follow her.

The trees where merged, I saw only face on Bella, in front of me. My subconscious was playing with me. I could not understand what is real what is not.

I suddenly stopped. I took a deep breath, trying to smell Bella. But I only éperlan animals, and their blood.

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posted by Tatti
"Hey, I a dit montrer your hands!" I screamed but apparently my voice and gun didn't left them any impression - they didn't moved, they even didn't look scared. What if my gun is useless against them? "I a dit HANDS! Don't make me shoot you" - again with no effect. Suddenly blond started moving towards so quickly that I hardly could see him. I had time only to make one step back before he appeared in front of me. For a seconde I was praying cause I was sure I will die but while I was looking at him Edward and Bella also moved and they were standing par me either.
"Jasper, calm down. We are not killers"...
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posted by SarBear1579
 Who will toi choose.......?
Who will you choose.......?
Hello,Fellow fanpopers.This here is a liste of all the teams(that i know of)and descriptions,that are realated to the twilight saga.(Yes!there is plus than just team edward and team jacob.....)

The teams may be on past experiances ou he/she is just ur fav character.

Hope this helps :)

Teams Edward-For people who l’amour a guy that is perfect ou want there boyfriend/husband to be just like Edward!

Team Jacob-For those people who just l’amour that best guy friend with the wolfy smile and playful attitude-or toi just hate poor Edward and l’amour Jake.

Team Bella-For people who realize that Bella is the main...
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posted by Andressa_Weld
Nikki’s POV
After he kissed me, I looked at him for a minute, a long minute. He looked into my eyes and we stood there looking for each other in a peaceful silent.
I looked at his amazing body and I thought he could be an underwear model.
-I’m so lucky! – I a dit and passed my hands in his abdomen and he laughed – you’re probably the hottest man in the whole world!
-Nikki, you’re beautiful too, dear! – He whispered in my ear and ran his hands in my hair.
-Thank you! – I a dit and he smacked me – but there’s a problem.
-What’s wrong, dear?
-I can’t remember...
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posted by CarlislesLover
This may sound like the end but it isn't.

I did what I did with every other country. I saw the Cullen’s in the audience along with Charlie, Jacob and Billy. Jessica, mike, Angela and Eric were all there too. I knew so many people in the audience, but I had to ignore them and carry on. I finished at last and went back stage. My boss was going back early and a dit I could stay here for as long as I wanted. I got changed in to something else. Then Charlie walked in. He drove me home, the Cullen’s following behind. We all entered the house and sat down on the sofa. “What happened to you?”...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Sorry its been a while.
Hope toi like it.

I woke up in a limo with my boss suivant to me. “Are we on our way to Volterra?”

“Yes we are” The limo finally stopped. I got out and went to hotel room to clean myself up re-do my hair. I had to walk down a massive stage in a pair of heels. I doubted that I would maintain my balance. I managed to stay standing to my surprise. It all ended at last I expected to be shipped off to a different country now but I wasn’t. I was being taken to the Volturi. Of course they didn’t know that they were called the Volturi and that they were vampires. We...
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posted by smileyfaceddude
She paced back and forth, hands on her mouth, gathering and trying to intake the new information in her brain; I sat on the colline watching her.
“Why?” she finally said, I shrugged and grinned grimly, “Goddamn, answer me, Cynddylan!” she demanded, “I have my own reasons…” I replied, she grunted in frustration,
“ not answer!” she added sharply. “Look, just a mois il y a toi wanted ME dead, and now toi apparently want ‘my safety’. Call me stupid, but I don’t understand! So please explain!” she ranted on, and started pacing again.
“My sister would have killed you,...
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posted by a-jforever
Thos is the start of my new story. Please let me know how to improve.XX

My hands began to shake and my knees were bashing together. Why would Aro do this? Alice told me on the plane he would say no, because Edwards’s power was too valuable.
“Bella? Bella!” Alice a dit as my hands clutched the dashboard.

“ALICE, WHY AREN’T toi GOING BACK....YOU a dit YOURSELF THAT YOUR VISIONS WERE UNCERTAIN?” I shouted tears streaming down my face.
We were now half way back to the airport. She has to go back. Just in case she was wrong.

“Alice!” I sobbed.

“Bella. Please believe me, I know it’s...
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"seth doesnt think sam will atack now not with us forwarned and lacking two memebers of the pack" i told them
"what does jacob think of this?" carlisle asked.
"he`s not as optimistic"
we all just stood the quite there minds ranging from sipathy to descust and the only noise was our breathing and bellas louder plus ragged then them all, also the dripping noise from the tubes atached to bellas arm. to help her breath. sigh.

"dont touch her u`ll wake her up!" rosalie growled i snapped my head back up to see carlisile trying to get close to her. he sighed.
"rosalie" he muttered
"dont start with...
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posted by CarlislesLover
“This is odd”

“It is. Whoever is sending these notes is from the Volturi, knows about mine and Bella’s engagement, knows about her death, knows who I am and where I live”

“I still don’t get why someone from the Volturi would do this. It’s just not their kind of character”

“Maybe it’s a new member of the Volturi”

“It may be” I couldn’t think who would do this. I couldn’t really picture Aro écriture these ou Caius and defiantly not Marcus. I don’t see why Jane would do it. So who from the Volturi? Maybe Emmett was right, it could be a new member of the Volturi. But...
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posted by a-jforever
Just remembered this article. Heres part 4, Enjoy and Please let my know how to improve.XX

“She’ll come round when she’s ready Ben” I heard the familiar voice of Doctor Cullen par my side. What was Ben doing here? Wasn’t he the injured one? I saw a white light and screamed. I wasn’t ment to be dead was I? “Heidi, calm down your not dead.” I shot up straight, feeling the rush go to my head, making me feel dizzy. Why was I in a hospital bed? “Heidi your ok.” Dr.Cullen assured me. “Where’s mum?” I asked laying back down bracing myself for the worst. “She didn’t quite...
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posted by a-jforever
Sorry I havn't posté this story in so long. I've been buzy. Hope toi enjoy.XX Please commentaire on improvement

Emmett’s POV

The jour was over. It wasn’t so bad, if I say so myself. Other than Gym which Jasper hadn’t turned up for. I guess it was too much for him, poor kid. We did blaireau him on about it a bit though, and it got on his nerves. Maybe I would see if he wanted to wrestle to take his mind off things. I grinned to myself scaring the little girl walking suivant to me. I joined Alice and Rose in Edwards Volvo.
“Where’s Edward?” I asked.

“Funny. I was gonna ask toi the same thing”...
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posted by meizoel
Here It's The liste Soundtrack Of Twilight Eclipse

1. Metric - Eclipse (All Yours)

2. Muse - l’amour is Forever

3. The Bravery - Ours

4. Florence And The Machine - Heavy In Your Arms

5. Sia - My Love

6. Fanfarlo - Atlas

7. The Black Keys - Chop And Charge

8. The Dead Weather - Rolling In On A Burning Tire

9. Beck & Bat For Lashes - Let's Get Lost

10. Vampire Weekend - Jonathan Low

11. Unkle feat The Black anges - With toi In My Head

12. Eastren Conference Champions - A Million Miles An Hour

13. Band Of chevaux - Life On Earth

14. Cee Lo Green - What Part Of Forever

15. Howard rive - Jacob's Theme

16. Battles - The Line

17. Bombay Bicycle Club - How Can toi avaler, hirondelle So Mouch Sleep

cek if u want download it
posted by Tatti
Cullens residence

"And what is it, dog? Let me guess, someone of your dog herd will imprint her and solve all this?" Rosalie was harsh and that made Nessie frown, she didn't like that kind of talks about her Jacob. But Jacob didn't react to Rosalie, he was too excited about his idea.
"We know where she is staying, don't we? So we also could do a little expedition and try to find some clues about her aims. If she investigating, she must have some evidence with her?"
Everyone seemed surprised.
"That's a great idea, Jacob" - Carlisle a dit and Rosalie snorted.
"But who will go this time?"
"I think it...
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posted by LexisFaith
Jacob was at Billy's, so I was at accueil par myself. And a half. I patted my stomache as I closed the door behind me. I drove to Carlisle and Esme's house for some company.
I pulled in the drive and got out smelling the air around me. Everyone's sent was faded out towards the woods. All except for Carlisle's. Good. He was the person I needed to talk to.
I opened the door and listened for movement. "I'm in my study." Carlisle's voice carried softly down the stairs. I set my bag down in the chair that was suivant to the stairs. I I thought about running and then I thought about the thanks Sarah would...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Please comment. XX

I sat and waited for someone to come and take the note but no one did. I went down stairs to see if anyone had figured out who could have sent it. “Do toi have any idea Carlisle?”

“No, sorry Edward”

“It’s ok” I wandered back up to my room. I went to get the note on the window but it wasn’t there. Someone had taken it whilst I went downstairs. Whoever this was quite clearly didn’t want to meet you. I decided I would go downstairs but not tell the others about it. Alice couldn’t see whoever was sending these notes so she wouldn’t have seen whoever took it....
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posted by smileyfaceddude

I tried to numb the pain for Bella with my gift, tried to influence her to not feel the pain. I was doing anything and everything I could to help try and save my life. “Son, I think he’s genuinely innocent. Would toi at least try for Bella?” The blonde vampire named Carlisle convinced hypnotically. Edward just stared at him and then at the delirious Bella and then at Carlisle again. He frowned at him in a God-I-wish-you-hadn’t-said-that way. He concentrated for a minute. “JACOB! Put him down!” Edward told the savage which was trying to suffocate me, he obeyed reluctantly,...
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posted by smileyfaceddude
I made out a black figure, and a manteau draped on his shoulders.
“CYNNDDYLAN!” I roared furiously, he approached us, and then threw his manteau off onto the ground.
“You called…?” he asked quietly, his eyes amused and challenging.
“Where is my daughter?” I demanded.
“How should I know? Well, it’s not MY fault toi cant look after her properly.” He a dit smugly “But… I DO know WHERE she is… for a price!” he added, my eyes widened with anger and disgust.
“I don’t want to play your stupid games!” I shouted angrily, he rose an eyebrow and smiled, but it was a cold,...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Hope toi guys like it

Present Day
“Edward toi have to get out. toi haven’t been hunting since Bella was killed, you’ve just stayed in the same place for the whole month. I can understand toi miss her and want to die but toi have to get over these things, I know it sound’s harsh but it’s true. Both Esme and I l’amour you, we don’t like seeing toi upset. So we’re all going hunting this afternoon”

“I refuse to go hunting” I could hardly get my words out as my throat was in so much pain with thirst. “You can refuse all toi like but you’re coming and I’m not giving in on...
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`ill run the primeter with seth if i get to far for toi to hear my thoughts listern for my howl` jacob told me
"i will"
we went back inside eyes darting everywhere if anyone atacked we would know about it.
jacob was allready darting and sooner i Lost his thoughts. i walked back over to were bella was and she was looking worse then when i left her she looked a little plus hollow i dont care what rose did i needed to get that thing out of her and soon
"dont toi even think about it edward not evern when bella is asleep toi carnt get to m- i mean her baby" rose spat i didnt notice that i had allready...
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