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posted by rickyamy1991
"Heavy In Your Arms" par Florence and the Machine

I was a heavy cœur, coeur to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced to crown.

I was a heavy cœur, coeur to carry
My feet dragged across ground
And he took me to the river
Where he slowly let me drown

My l’amour has concrete feet
My love's an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles
Over the waterfall

I'm so heavy, heavy
Heavy in your arms
I'm so heavy, heavy
Heavy in your arms

And is it worth the wait
All this killing time?
Are toi strong enough to stand
Protecting both your cœur, coeur and mine?

Who is the betrayer?
Who's the killer in the crowd?
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posted by flynnismine
My phone was ringing as I parked my car into my parking l’espace at accueil and got out. I answered it, as I walked up to my front door, grabbed my key from my school bag, unlocked the door, walked inside, up the stairs and into my room, locking the door.

Hey, Alice, I a dit not very excited

Hi, Bella, she a dit in her excited squeal. My birthday party is on tonight. You're coming aren't you

But, Alice, I groaned. toi know that I don't have anything to wear.

Don't toi even think about using that lame, old excuse on me. toi are coming to this party if toi like it all not, she all but growled at me

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posted by flynnismine
I parked my red, chevy truck in my usual parking l’espace and got out. I walked up the stairs into the school hallways. Everything was just as I remembered it to be. The girls were chatting about what they did in the afternoons and the guys were being rough with each other, pushing each other around and playing jokes on other people.

I walked to my locker and entered my password-1995- opened it up and stacked my livres and stuff into it.

I turned to face my locker door and looked at my pictures. I had two there. One was a big picture of Joe jonas and a small picture of my best friends- Alice, rose,Jasper,...
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      Hey guys I think I have a couple words to say so please listen. I haven't been giving my very best complete potential on all of my writings and it's came to the point that there is so much wrong with it people don't even bother to commentaire on how bad it is anymore, probably let alone even read it. Well anyways, to those of toi who still have hope and faith for me thanks, so so much. Honestly I didn't know how hard it was to keep consistantly écriture and posting and actually have people who read this and probably even wait for me to post this. I never thought it would Bernie hard and...
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5 Things toi Need To Know About Twilight

Love it ou hate it - and judging par your comments, most of toi are in the latter camp - there's no escaping the fact that Twilight is already one of the most anticipated films of the year, and may become one of the most successful, as well. Because we know that you're all about keeping up with the zeitgeist, we're giving toi five things toi need to know about the emo vampire series that's already taken over bookstores, MySpace, and the cœur, coeur of your little sister.

Full size
1: The livres Are Popular. Very Popular.
Sure, we're not talking Harry Potter levels...
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This is the seconde book to my first short story "As the sun sets" This is a story about the life of Renesmee Carlie Cullen ( In her POV with some exceptions) now that she is a teenager! I suggest lire my first book (as the sun sets), so toi can better understand this one (Daylight)

This will take place just where we left off in the first novel! Please Enjoy, and thank-you! I hope toi enjoy this book as much (if not more) as toi did the last! Again any comments, questions, suggestions please leave a commentaire ou message me! I will always respond to fanmail ASAP!

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If toi haven't read my Authors update article yet, please do! (: And dont worry! Im working on the suivant book right now. And whether i post it ou not, is up to toi all!

Chapter 28: Hush

I lay in lit the suivant morning thinking about yesterdays events. I wondered why my parents havn't mentioned the volturi's soon to be visit. Maybe they didn't know that I knew about it and they were trying to spare me the unessascary stress. On the other hand, Carlisle might not have even told my parents yet. That was if Aro had tooken my conseil and made the call to Carlisle.

An then there was the whole Jacob situation....
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I started écriture "As the sun sets" around 3-4 months ago. The Journey with it has been amazing, and wonderful. I want to thanks everyone of my fans for suppourting the novel as well as supporting myself.

Renesmee has gone through alot of adventures and im sure toi have good times with her.

I am sad to say i will be posting THE LAST CHAPTER TO THE NOVEL tonight. It will be the last chapter ever written for As the sun sets!

But don't fret! Im going to write a seconde book to as the sun sets! It will be still in Renesmee's point of view, and everything that has happened still has, But now it's a...
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Movie étoile, star Taylor Lautner has revealed the suivant installment of the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn, is "different."

The actor, who stars as werewolf Jacob Black in the populaire movie series, says the final movie has come together "really well" and he can't wait to montrer the finished product to the world.

Speaking at the annual Beverly Hills Foreign Press Association luncheon - where he was named as Hollywood's hottest new talent par Mark Wahlberg - he praised Twilight director Bill Condon for his work.

"I'm super excited, it's coming out soon and we're all really proud of it, it came together really...
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Taylor Lautner has revealed his plans to remain Friends with his 'Twilight' co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson "forever."

Taylor Lautner will be Friends with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson "forever."

The hunky actor - who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the 'Twilight Saga' franchise - revealed the best thing about being a part of the movie series was getting to know Kristen (Bella Swan) and Robert (Edward Cullen) and says the three of them will always remain close.

He told "My parting gifts were our friendships, lifelong friendships. We all get along great. We're...
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Tinsel Korey has a job most women would die for: She spent hours every jour working alongside the shirtless hunks of the Twilight loup pack, keeping Taylor Lautner and the boys in check. Tinsel, who plays the role of Emily Young in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Eclipse, and the upcoming Breaking Dawn films, portrays the strong and beautiful, yet scarred, fiancee of Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer) and motherly caretaker of the unruly loup pack.


Celebuzz: Since filming has wrapped for the Breaking Dawn films, how does it feel to see the end of the Twilight Saga? What will toi miss the most?

Tinsel: I...
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This is a small book i am écriture about the life of Renesmee cullen after (Breaking Dawn) It is in her point of view for almost the whole time (with a few exceptions). She is now a teenager, trying to figure out what her lifestyle really is. Packed with Action, romance and Adventure i assure toi this will be worth your time! But I suggest starting from chapter 1 to get the full impact and information (:

Chapter 27: To hell and Back

I lay still in the darkness, hearing a steady beat of a loud thud echoing throughout me.


Ugh, even now under the worst circumstances it was annoying....
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This is a small book i am écriture about the life of Renesmee cullen after (Breaking Dawn) It is in he rpoint of view for almost the whole time (with a few exceptions)She is now a teen and her life seems to be plus then what she bargained for. I suggest starting from chapter 1 to get the full impact and information (:

I understand that this chapter may be a little hard to follow ou confusing at some parts. Although it will all be explained within the suivant chapter, if toi would like me to break down what happened within the chapter thenn just message me (:

-Brianna B

Chapter 26: What...
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10:28 Pm

3rd person's POV
Bella and Jacob stand over Renesme trying to calm her, "Come on its ok" Jacob Coo's, Her hand reaches over and grabs onto his. Bella worries about whats happining in the other
wings over the hospital. Suddenley the door bursts open and in walks 3 familier figures...

Carlise POV
I look around the room and spot my grand-daughter clinging onto Jacob "Is she really-?" I asked, Bella nodded. -sigh- "Alright let me check her out" I reply
"Wh-whats going on out there?" Bella asks Panicked "There has seemed to be a...a problem" I say trying to make it sound not so bad "Carlise!"...
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posted by saytwilight
 Bella cygne
Bella Swan
chapter 1: Bella's POV.

i have been with Edward for 2 years and i don't feel like our relationship is going anywhere, all we do now is have sex and that's mainly it. we were better of Friends than boyfriend and gorlfriend i mean before we got together we used to talk, hang out and everything. i miss it.
but resantly Edwrad has been distint i mean he comes knocking for me at 1 0 clock in the morning asking me do i want to go out. i can tell if he does that one plus time Charlie is going to hit him, so for his benefit he better not do that again.
why do people change?
it's really bugging me. i see him all the time flirting with other girls, but if he caught me flirting with an another guy he would go mad and get all jealous.
why does he care? i mean if he can flirt with other girl's i'm sure i can flirt with other guys.
he is really starting to get on my nerves.
Do i l’amour him?
Should i dump him?
i guess i'll find out soon enough. This is his last chance.
 Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen
posted by LexisFaith
Bella POV

I woke up suivant Edward on Sunday morning. We had fallen asleep while he was crying. That heartless bitch. I could see that at least in his sleep he was peaceful. I got in the douche and lathered up in my Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo- the smell was amazing- and conditioner and coconut liquid body wash. So I like the smell of coconut. What?
After I got out, I dried my hair in my room so not to wake Edward, and slipped into a cobalt blue summer dress. I walked through the bathrooms and walked into Edward's room to wake him.
"Edward." I shook him gently. His eyes opened and found...
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posted by RoxysKat
I carefully peered into Jacob's room, almost hoping he was not yet awake. Somehow I felt it would be easier if he were asleep. Part of me was stupidly afraid of his reaction.
It's not like I didn't already know how he'd react. I'd been going through the scene in my head for what seemed like a lifetime.
I saw him grin in my direction. No sense in hiding now that I'd been spotted.
"Hey, Bells," he a dit as I walked in, the agony obvious in his voice.
"Jake," I finally blurted out, blushing as I inched closer to his bed. "How are you?"
"I'm fine. Dr. Fang says I'm healing fast. Not that I didn't know...
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And I Care Why?
By: moolah
Chapter Five
(Edward and Bella’s P.O.V’s featured)
(Normal Pairings, ALL HUMAN!)

Bella’s P.O.V:
    Whenever we walked in the door, I took the water and gulped down a drink. I hadn’t realized I was so thirsty. Edward and I had drove over together, and we actually talked. He didn’t say much, but agreed on most of what I said. He was driving, and as I a dit I wanted to keep the baby, and wanted him to be as involved as he wanted to be in the baby’s life. I swore I saw him smile a little bit. Anyways, whenever we walked into the house...
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This is for my fan's of my writing.
I have recently made a new fanpop after about a an of, absence. Look up bellacullenhale to see my writing. Excuse the improper grammer and typo's therefor I may remind toi I was in 6th grade, distracted, and heartbroken. But now I am back. But I may not be écriture about Twilight in the cataglory alone. I plan on making this my Blog page. Just in the twilight cataglory. But if suggested I will not say no if toi request to me what page to page in which books, and what point of view to write it from. I hope your able to take the time out of your jour to do...
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posted by karpach_14
Twilighters, toi did it! toi asked a bazillion times, and now your wish has been granted: Stephenie Meyer has finished Midnight Sun, and will release it this May!

The book is the retelling of Twilight from Edward's golden eyes. So, basically, the most beautiful book ever. And one we're sure to get Lost in.

"I've always wanted to finish this book, and the fans have been so great, I knew I had to do it for them," the auteur revealed Tuesday (March 31) at a book signing in Las Bromas, California. "I enjoyed this so much, I'm going to begin work on Full Moon, which is New Moon told through Jacob's perspective."

Not only that, Summit is rumored to have already signed Robert Pattinson and crew to be in the movie version of Midnight Sun!