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posted by Angelcatz11
Renesme's POV

After hours of weeping, I stopped walked over to my dresser and threw a maroon veste on, I then put my hair up with a rubber-band knowing it would hurt my hair later. I was going to sneak out, I slipped on some Converse and made some recordings on my laptop, So if mom ou dad try to come in I would have something recorded. I had 5 recordings set. 1: "No thanks" 2:Go away!" 3: I dont want to talk right now sorry" 4: Im not hungry. 5:I'm tired, I'm gonna go to bed. It was pretty corny but eh what else can I do? I thought. When i was all done I slipped out my window and jumped to the ground. When I was sure no one was watching I dashed off in the direction of Alice's house.
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