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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 16

“she didn’t want to tell toi because she didn’t want to make people think she’s different that’s all” I told them.
“well obviously she would have been different if she told us she was a wizard” uncle Emmett said.
“exactly and u would treat her differently but she doesn’t want that” I told them.
“nessie today not tomorrow!” my father yelled.
“I got to go , so jake wen can I come?” I asked him.
“today if toi want” he told him.
“u’re the best” I told him and hugged him. I ran towards the house ivan following me.
“wat do u want?” I asked him. He wore his black suit and Svetlana wore a red dress.
“y r u guys all dressed up?” I asked them.
“ur sister is coming and we’re going to a party” my father told me. I don’t have a sister I thought and I knew that my father was lire my ming.
“nessie its svetlana’s daughter she’s a an younger than toi and I expect u to be friends” my father added.
“im not going” I told him.
“its not a choice so u’re going” he told me.
“if im going … ivan is going too” I a dit quickly. My father looked at ivan.
“fine” he said. I went upstairs to get dressed and ivan went accueil to get dressed. When I was ready there was a knock on the door I opened it and it was ivan.
“u scared me I thought it was svetlana’s daughter”I told him.
“sorry and u look beautiful” he told me with a smile.
“thnks” I said, and gave him a Kiss on the lips.
“I really wish all this didn’t happen” I told him.
“use the wand of urs and turn everything back” he told me. I pulled away from him.
“geez ur a help, im not allowed to use the wand to go change things I can go and see things in the future and in the past but not change it” I told him.
“u could have told me.” He a dit laughing. He picked me up and swang me.
“my angel” he whispered in my ear..
“ivan u know that I’ll die for u?” I asked him.
“u’re not going to do that im going to die for u” he replied. There was a knock on the door and I opened it, it was Sky svetlana’s daughter.
“great u came” I a dit and then I went to ivan..
“oh Sky! How was the flight?” svetlaa asked Sky.
“it was fantasti, I couldn’t wait to see u my new father and my new sister.” She a dit happily.
“oh girl its going to take way plus than just a marriage permit to make us sisters” I told her.
“nessie be nice” my father warned me.
“ivan I really hope o get away from them as fast as I can” I whispered to him. My father was talking to sky so he didn’t hear anything I said.
“come on sweetie its not going to be so hard with Sky over here u’ll be friends” ivan told me. I pushed away from him.
“do u hear urself? U’re saying the same thing my father was saying” I told him. I looked at his eyes and it made me forget right away that I was to kill him for saying that.
“sorry nnessie its just that u wont be hideing from Sky and Svetlana all the time”
“I know so I have to figure something out fast” ivan gave me a look.
“okay okay I was joking maybe ill be frinds with her” then he smiled.
“but I don’t promise” I added.
“lets go” my father told us. I looked at wat Sky was wearing the last time and it was probably the ugliest dress I ever saw, but I didn’t say anything we went outside my father Svetlana and sky went into my dads Volvo while ivan and I went into my car.
“nice car” Sky a dit
“thanks I think” I said. Ivan insisted on driving so I let him he got in the drivers siège and we followed my father.. it was a good 30 minute drive then we came to a huge house with a lot of people in it. It was like one of aunt alice’s parties, too much for me. We once again followed my father because we didn’t know wer to go.we went into the backyard of the house. There weer people dancing, talking, eating everything.
“what kind of place is this?” I asked ivan.
“it’s a party relax go dance so relax” my father answered.
“like I can relax” I answered him.he ignored me. We came to a table, tableau and I sat down, my father and Svetlana went dancing they really injoyed themselves. But I didn’t like the scene.
“a girl came to ivan and asked him if he could dance with her.
“ go” I told him and he went, I got out my phone and dialed jakes number.
“hello?” a voice answered.
“hello, is jake there?” I asked . it was billy jakes father.
“um no nessie he left a minute ago”
“an u tell him to call me back wen he comes?”
“sure thing nessie”
“thank toi billy” I a dit and put down the phone. Thena couple of guys came to me.
“wat r u doing here sitting alone?” one asked.
“u’re new here right? My parents make these parties all the time and the same people come” the seconde one said.
“yeah im new, my father dragged me” I told the seconde one.
“vampires don’t have kids oh and im Tyson” Tyson said.
“well Tyson my mother was human” I told him.
“ and how do u know im a vampire?”I asked them.
“all these people are vampires from around the world” Tyson told me… then my phone was jake.
“I got to pick it up sorry” I said. I turned it on, and Tyson turned it off.
“wat the heck!
I yelled.
“it’s a party don’t talk on the phone” Tyson said.
“this is important not some child talk
I told him and called jake.
“nessie y did u turn it off?” jake asked me.
“sorry jake it wasn’t me it was some guys”
“”some guy? Wer r u?”
“im at some kind of party my father dragged me so I wont be able come over today how about tomorrow and ill stay for I think like a onth”
“a month! That’s fantastic!”
“okay then ill call u bck wen I get accueil okay?”
“okay bye” he a dit and I put down the phone.
“is that ur friend?” Tyson asked me
“yeah y do u care?” I asked him.
“well u’re the most prettiest girl here and im going to have u no matter wat” Tyson told me I smirked
“yeah right” I said. He wishes.
“I will I promise” he said.
“becareful wat u promise plus I hve a boyfriend” I told him
“ill fight for u”
“go talk to Sky I see how she’s looking on u go on someone ur style” I told him and ivan came.
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posted by dangjessica
There's Twilight Dolls, Twilight Body Shimmer, Twilight Band-Aids, and now... Twilight Lip Gloss!

So in case toi haven't heard, the lipglosses are going around for $16, 2 lip glosses being the maximum for one buyer. It's the same brand they use on the set as well.

Here is how DuWop describes it: "Instead of a gloss, Lip Venom V is a shimmering crimson lip stain suspended in a venom-laced liquid lip conditioner with a bite, and contains argan, avocado, olive oils and vitamin E. This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds ..."

So are toi going to buy it?