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[u]Chapter 1[u]
B.S p.o.v (bella swan)

I loved something, and only that one.
Edward Cullen. Edward and I are best Friends but i l’amour him but haven't told him.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Great time for school again. Well, i see Edward today. His sisters know i l’amour him but no one else. So anyways, I walked up to my truck, got in and drove off to school. I saw Alice and Edward Standing there, I got out and Alice Squeaked " Bella!" and ran over to me. Edward walked over to me and whispered " salut Bella. How Are you?" I just mumbled a "good" and walked away. I Was so sad but no one would notice not even Alice. I ha my first class wth Edward. He sat right suivant to me and started to write on a note....

edward-bella! i'm so bored.
bella- me 2 edward. could i ask toi something
edward- sure anything.
bella- well nvm.....

as the teacher walked over to us and threw it away.
Ms. Varner a dit " No plus note ou detention for both of you!" as he walked away. I giggled as class was over and left for my car and went accueil .
I made dîner for Charlie and a dit " I'm going to sleep. Night , Dad" and I went up to my room, emailed my mom and got to bed. Hopefully, I would have the guts to say " I l’amour toi Edward" tommorow.

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I dont own twilight characters just the plot :)

Thanks again! Sorry it was short
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