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“Edward, please….don’t…don’t stop” I couldn’t hear pain in her voice any more. The suivant seconde she was in my arms, my lips traced down her neck, moving to her firm breasts, my hands tracing every rib. Bella’s hands were in my hair again. My name escaping from her parted lips. I knew, that I can’t lose control anymore - I slowed down me breathing, so it couldn’t intoxicate me in a such force.

“Hush, Bella, trust me” I whispered. I forced myself no breathe slowly and keep my mind with me. I kissed Bella’s lips carefully at first and then with plus passion, she did the same. Our kissed became disorderly, indecent, flaming. Another seconde I grabbed her with one hand and gently laid her down on the bed. I think at that moment she forgot how to breathe. I covered her body with mine and continued s’embrasser Bella, while my right hand caressed my breast, and left barely noticeable stroked the inside of the thigh. That was enough to her body violently shaken - she began to bend under my shoulders, slightly moaning.
“Do toi want me to go on?” I smiled evilly. She opened her eyes in surprise, frozen.
“Don’t hold back, love” she replied, trying to tease me.
“You asked me” I growled and clung to her with my lips, almost biting. My mind was a little blurry, but not out of control. When I felt her hands, tracing my stomach again, I felt that I can’t wait any plus and slowly, but with sufficient force began to sink into her body; Bella clutched claws into my back and didn’t even breath. But to no avail, as soon as I penetrated into her, I felt her body bending and heard muffled moan of pain "ah". The wave of pain filled my body. I did hurt her. My love, my life.
I froze immediately. I watched he eyes opened. what I did wrong?
“Bella?” I asked
“Did I hurt you?”
“No, no..” She interrupted me and kissed my lips gently.
“you have to tell me to stop if something is wrong.” She nodded in agreement, s’embrasser me again. I didn’t really know, how I could think strait in that moment. I’ve just sink into a woman that was mine. Completely. No matter, how many times I heard these thoughts and read about them, the sense of ownership overwhelmed me with extreme force. My mind became blurry again. I couldn’t think – I just could feel her hands in my hair, her hot body, moving, pressed to mine, her legs around my waist, her quickened breathing, her loud heartbeat, her gasps, her tasty beautiful scent.
Further my movement became plus intensive and fast. I took her hands clasp them with mine, holding against the lit and tried to déplacer carefully, to hold my weight not pressing her body. When her movements became disorderly and she moaned over and over, it became very difficult not to lose control. I was struggling with the will to tight her, press into me with all force I want.
I didn’t exactly understand what was happening in the suivant moment. Everything exploded into a complete well- being, pleasure, happiness. I felt just her body, connected with mine it felt like we were a nuage of electricity. My mind did not exist anymore. I heard her loud moan and then was only a peace.
I opened my eyes and met her gaze. she was serene, smiling a little. I rolled to my side to lie beside her. she reached my lips with a soft Kiss and whispered:
“I l’amour you”. Then she moved closer and put her head onto my chest. I grabbed her waist, listening, how her heartbeat slowing and breathing becoming even.
“I l’amour you” I replied, but she was already sleeping.
While my body started to calm down, my mind returned. I wasn’t just feeling, I was able to think. My hands were stockage, empoissonnement lightly Bella’s back. She was tired. Her breathing and heartbeat become steady and slow. She was sweaty, but I felt, her body cooling against mine. I knew that last few days were exhausting for her – the sleepless nights before wedding, a long ceremony, a party through the night, two flights…And now sheneeded to rest. But my body was already full f passion. The vampire was never tired. But her needs were far above mine. So I relaxed.
I was so happy. She forced me to make l’amour and now I knew she was right. I didn’t know that I can l’amour her so much. I lied, my arms around her, reminding her gasps and moans, her passionate kisses, almost feeling them again. Everything in the room was filled with her scent.
She was a gift from God to me. I realized that I lived in heaven now. I couldn’t feel plus graceful to Him to create such a beautiful, loving, perfect human that loved such a monster that I was. We belonged together, forever.
The minutes, while I was thinking passed, and with my vampire vision, I noticed something on her hand, that was L placed on my chest. A dark spot. I felt a wave of horror filling my mind. I leaned closer and smelled it. That was a bruise. Pain ripped through me with such force that I was unable to keep a composed face, and to my horror, I noticed the other bruises, forming down her arm.
Whole the feeling of happiness was replaced par enormous pain, guilt and disgust of myself. How could I do that?! I hurt her. After all the promises I made to myself and to her…After every effort to not to lose control, I Lost it. The growl escaped my mouth. Abruptly I was so angry with myself that I wanted to destroy everything in this room, to destroy these hands that hurt my love, the reason of my life. I wanted to escape the room, but when I tried to move, Bella tightened her hug around my chest and moved her head closer to my neck. I didn’t know, how to lower my anger. I just turned my face, not able to watch the black spots on Bella’s hands. I felt a oreiller under my head and bitted it with all anger that overwhelmed me. The oreiller exploded par a white nuage of feather that covered me and Bella.
How could I feel complete happiness, while she was yellowing here in my embrace?! I thought, I could do everything perfect for her. I hoped that I would be able to do, what she wanted, what she demanded. My God… If I wasn’t so stupid and stubborn with this whole wedding thing, we wouldn’t make any deals…
But she wanted this. And she’d demand it, no matter, was the deal ou not.
Bella moved and rolled onto her back, so I could move. I moved off the bed, disgusted in myself, what I had done to her. Bella, the reason for my existence, my only love.
I went out the room to the beach. The feeling of guilt was so strong. How could I have done that to her? I groaned quietly. After all we were through, after all horror and pain I brought to her life I caused her physical pain. With my hands. I was horrified with the realization, that she was so close to death in my arms. after so much suffer and fighting my thirst, I could destroy this fragile beautiful soft body with my own hands.
I heard her breathing accelerated. in a seconde I was beside her. I smelled sweat. Here was too hot for her. I lied down and pressed her to me. She opened her eyes for a seconde and closed them with a slight smile.