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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Four
    I closed the door and locked it behind me. I then stripped down and ran the hot water in the shower, and I grabbed a rag from under the sink.
    When I got out of the shower, I dried off, got dressed, and ran back downstairs. But Jerek was gone.
    "Jerek?" I said, no answer.
    I went back upstairs. "Has anyone seen Jerek?" Everyone a dit he didn't go upstairs, but went into the secret basement. So, I went back down.
    But still no sign of Jerek.
    Then I saw it. There was a window, not far from where I was standing, that was open, and a splotch of blood lay on the window sill.
    I ran back upstairs and grabbed Tabra, dragging him into the kitchen.
    "Are toi ok?" Tabra asked me.
    "He's gone." I breathed.
    "Who's gone?" Tabra asked.
    "Jerek. Downstairs, open window, splotch of blood, no sign of Jerek. He's gone."
    "No!" Tabra ran downstairs and I followed, grabbing Doctor Shropee and dragging her down as well.
    "Is everything okay?" She asked once I let go of her.
    "No. Go take a look at that blood splotch on the window sill." I said, and pointed to the window.
    She did.
    "Oh my, what happened?" She asked.
    "Jerek was taken," Tabra answered and she gasped in horror.
    "Same here, sister." I said.
    "Well...who's blood is this?" Shropee asked me.
    "I'm not sure. I think it's Jerek's, ou if not, the person who attacked him got hurt trying to take him. Sign of a struggle. Can toi take a test, and see who's blood that is?" I asked.
    "Yea, it'll take a minute though." She said, walked to the stairs.
    "Okay." She ran upstairs and came back down with a Q-tip, alcohol, and a sponge with a tiny cup of water.
    Shropee took the sponge and dipped it into the water. She then put it par the splotch. She took the Q-tip and dabbed it onto the sponge, and spun it around in the little pool of blood. She then put it into a little vile that she whipped out of her pocket, and filled it with a bit of alcohol. She put the casquette, cap on, shook it up and down and we waited for a minute as she shook the vile.
    "Alright, I'll know if this is Jerek's blood when I compare it to the tests we take yearly so we can make sure no one is sick ou has any kind of disease(s) on them."
    "Alright, hurry." Tabra a dit and I was in as much suspense as Tabra was.
    Shropee looked at the vile, and then the blood sample from before, and then looked at Tabra and I. "It's positive. This is Jerek's blood."
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