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`ill run the primeter with seth if i get to far for toi to hear my thoughts listern for my howl` jacob told me
"i will"
we went back inside eyes darting everywhere if anyone atacked we would know about it.
jacob was allready darting and sooner i Lost his thoughts. i walked back over to were bella was and she was looking worse then when i left her she looked a little plus hollow i dont care what rose did i needed to get that thing out of her and soon
"dont toi even think about it edward not evern when bella is asleep toi carnt get to m- i mean her baby" rose spat i didnt notice that i had allready begun to déplacer foward ontil rosealie was infront of me teeth expossed
that reminded me "oh par the way rose WHAT THE HELL WAS toi THINKING BEFORE!!! BELLA IS NOT GOING TO DIE AND I WILL GET THAT THING NOT toi THING BUT THAT OUT OF HER !!" emmett was getting closer and closer he and everyone els could see i was about to rip her head off.
"edward this isnt the - " just then a howl came threw the trees "what was that?" carlisle asked
"there atacking" i muttered and they all froze. i ran to the window
`false alarm no ones atacking seth just got upset` he was aprouching the yard now
`theres nothing out there toi got that?` he asked i nodded onse and looked back to where bella was she was just awaking.
`whats going on?` i heard but ignored i had no time explaining this to him right now.
"faulse alarm seth got upset about something els and he forgot we were waiting for a signal he is very younge"
"nice to have todderlers defending the fort" emmett muttered under his breath
"they have done a great survise tonight a great sacrafise" carlisle said.
i could hear jacob listerning but i didnt worrie about that he knew some of us still had bad feelings toward them and also yeah one of them use to be me but i am sort of over that now.
`not my fault wish i was with them stupid werewolfs makin me jelous` i gave him a grin and then was about to tell them what he thought
"yeah i know im just jelous i wish i was out there with them" `haha beat toi to it little brother` i almost smiled.

again sorry about the spellings and also please commentaire hope toi like it :)
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