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posted by surfergal
Thanks for everyone reading! Do y'all think I should break these stories and put them into a book like ou do y'all think that I should keep going with the chapters? Please let me know!

When I woke up Emmet was holding me in his arms and I was breathing really fast. I looked up at face and I could tell that he was scared. Once I got my breath back I started talking.
What's wrong? I ask.
I heard toi speaking and I came up hear to see who toi were talking to. Emmet said.
Oh. I sad. He was the only one in the room.
Was I ever what I think is called a rescue swimmer? I ask.
Yeah, why? Emmet ask.
My dream was I was in the ocean and there was a helicoptor above me and then there was a person in the water. I didn't know what to do. Then my wetsuit was torn and I got really cold and then I was lifted back up to the helicoptor. I told Emmet.
Was it scary? Emmet ask.
Not really. I guess when toi were holding me I guess that's when my wetsuit tore. That's when I was scared because I knew that, that would be bad. I said.
It's ok. Emmet told me.
Let's go downstairs. I said.
Ok. Emmet said.
Wait, can I ask toi a question? I ask.
Yeah toi can tell ou ask me anything. Emmet said.
Where is Rosalie? I ask.
She is out in the garage working on the cars. Why? Emmet ask.
Does she like me? I ask. I feel like she wants me to be gone.
She just jelous of toi that's all. Emmet said.
Why would she be jelous of me. She has everything. I said.
Your not immortal and toi can have kids. He said.
Oh. I a dit and then we went downstairs.
When we got downstairs I ask where was the kitchen. Emmet told me where it was and I went to get me a glass of water. Esme was in there.
What do toi need sweety? She ask.
A glass of water. I said.
Ok I'll get it for you. She said.
I can get it, just tell me where the glasses are please. I said.
There right in here. She said.
Thank toi so much for everything. I said.
Your welcome. She told me.
I got me a glass of water and then walked downstairs. Nathen was sitting on the canapé at one end and then the other end Emmet was sitting there. Alice and Jasper were Lost in each other eyes. I went and sat par Nathen.
I remembered something ou I had a dream about it. I told Nathen.
Really? About what? He ask.
I was a rescue swimmer. I said.
Oh sweety that's wonderful. He said.
I smiled and then turned my attention to the television. We watched some movie called Blue Crush. I watched and saw some surfing and then I was thinking about surfing and that's when I just blacked out. When I woke up I was lyi g on the floor and everyone was around me in a circle. I sat up.
What am I doing in the floor? I ask.
Addi, do toi know what toi were wearing on your wedding day? Carlisle ask.
Yeah, how could I forget. I was wearing a white dress that Alice had helped me pick out and it had a brown ribbon that flowed to the floor like the dress. I told him.
Do toi know who Max is? Nathen ask.
Yeah we me in the plane 3 years il y a when I first came here. I said.
Edward, Bella and Jacob walked throught the door and Renesme was in Jacobs arms.
salut Jacob, Edward, Bella and Renesme! I said.
toi remember Jacob? Emmet said.
Yeah,wow this is weird. I said.
toi got your memory back! Jasper said.
I did, didn't I!!! Yay! I said.
Oh guys I'm so sorry. I said.
Oh Addi, we are just glad that toi got it back. Esme said.
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