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posted by _madz_
here is the suivant one! im so sorry its so short but i thought id put it up now because i dont know when i will be able to write more.
enjoy anyway!!

The corner of her lips rose fractionally as her blush deepened.
“Did all of that really happen then?” she asked quietly, embarrassment unmistakable in her voice.
My smile was still stiff, my mouth a hard line.
“That depends.” I answered. “If you’re referring to us nearly being massacred in Italy, then, yes.” I really tried to make my voice a little kinder, but the circumstances surrounding our récent overseas trip still made me livid.
“How strange.” She mused. “I really went to Italy.” She seemed bewildered. “Did toi know I’d never been further east than Albuquerque?”
I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Of course she would see the humour of the situation.
“Maybe toi should go back to sleep. You’re not coherent.” I teased. It seemed right, natural.
“I’m not tired anymore.” She told me, taking my joke seriously. “What time is it? How long have I been sleeping?” she looked up at me, her expression questioning.
I flicked a glance at her alarm clock so quickly she wouldn’t have noticed.
“It’s just after one in the morning. So about fourteen hours.” I realised in shock. It had felt like a great deal less. Bella stretched as I spoke, holding her breath.
“Charlie?” she asked, ever practical.
I couldn’t help but frown as Charlie’s words ran through my head, the whole conversation taking less than a seconde to think through.
“Sleeping.” I answered so quickly Bella didn’t notice a break. “You should probably know that I’m breaking the rules right now. Well, not technically, since he a dit I was never to walk through his door again, and I came through the window,” I paused, a dit wasn’t really appropriate, shout was plus accurate. “But, still, the intent was clear.” I finished.
I didn’t know what she would say now. Would she support Charlie because of all I had done?
But of course she didn’t, surprising me again.
“Charlie banned toi from the house?” she asked, blatant disbelief filling her face before quickly giving way to her kitten like fury.
Her anger made me smile, but it didn’t reach my eyes. Sadness must have been obvious in them for all I had done. How much I had hurt everyone I hold dear.
“Did toi expect anything else?” I asked quietly, a rhetorical question.
I watched as her expression went from anger to curiosity, constantly wanting to know what she was thinking but at the same time, frightened of her thoughts.
“What’s the story?” she asked her voice light and casual on the surface, but underneath was a different matter. The emotion was hard to pick. Longing? I couldn’t be sure.
“What do toi mean?” I countered. What was she confused about? What could she possibly want to know? Ah, how easily frustrated I was with her silent mind.
She willingly elaborated. “What am I telling Charlie? What’s my excuse for disappearing long was I gone, anyway?” she was obviously trying to count back days in her head with little success. It hit me again how much danger I had put her in, again. Could I do nothing right?
“Just three days.” I a dit a plus natural smile appearing on my face, anticipating her response to my suivant statement. “Actually, I was hoping toi might have a good explanation. I’ve got nothing.”
Bella groaned. “Fabulous.” She muttered.
“Well, maybe Alice will come up with something.” I offered soothingly. She needed to be calm for the following conversation.
And she looked comforted. The stiff set of her shoulders relaxing as she looked intently into my eyes.
“So,” she began, and I knew the questions were about to start. Our months apart hadn’t curbed her curiosity.
“What have toi been doing, up until three days ago?” she asked, staring at me with her irresistible melting chocolate, brown eyes.
My face must have turned wary because the corner of her lips turned down. Of course she would start with a question that revealed nothing about her, but much too much from me.
“Nothing terribly exciting.” I murmured, dismissing the question.
“Of course not.” She mumbled, her face falling into a pout.
“Why are toi making that face?” I asked, instantly curious.
“Well...” she pursued her lips, considering. “If toi were, after all, just a dream, that’s exactly the kind of thing toi would say. My imagination must be used up.” Sincerity radiated from her words. She was so absurd.
I couldn’t help sighing. “If I tell you, will toi finally believe that you’re not having a nightmare?” I asked. For what else could it be, but a nightmare?
“Nightmare!” she repeated scornfully, contradicting me immediately.
I waited patiently for her answer, ou at least pretended to wait patiently.

thats it for now, please comment!
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posted by VampirePrinsess
I sat on the plane, reflecting as I watched the world rush par below, so much smaller than it seemed when toi were down there, part of it.
Three years ago, I'd just been visiting Europe with my mom, Renee; she wanted to "see the sights" before she married Phil and settled down. We'd not been there long, maybe a few days, when it happened. It was dark, and we'd gone out to see the city - I could never remember where, exactly - at night... It'd been the last thing we'd done together. All I could clearly remember from that night was the fear, the terror, the screaming... the pain. I shuddered away...
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posted by Brown_x_Eyes
-At Jacob’s house-

Jacob: Alright… a response to this gay note Bella gave to her dad to give to my dad to give to me. I’ll have to try and sound sincere. And angry. I’ll press the pen into the paper to dent it so she feels guilty.

Billy: -appears out of thin air- talking to No one again, son?

Jacob: Yep. I trust him with aaaalllll my secrets.

No one: Somehow it’s always us two when toi speak your thoughts like this. I guess I just repulse people. –Sobs– Were is Jasper when I need him?! And where the hell is my knife?!

Jacob: Damn you, No one! toi aren’t supposed to reply when I tell...
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posted by Brown_x_Eyes
Edward: Happy Birthday, Bella.

Bella: Screw my birthday, I don’t wanna grow up!

Edward: You’re like Peter Pan, except you’re a girl!

Bella: About that…

Edward: What?

Bella: Nothing.

Edward: Let’s go to my place.

Bella: Giving in? The perfect present…

Edward: Hell no! toi think I’m weak?! WELL I’LL montrer toi WEAK! –Bends down to Bella’s neck-

Bella: Edward, wait for Victoria to kill me. She has plus practice.

Edward: Let’s go inside!

Alice: Surprise! Big huge party to be celebrated par only 8 people! WOO!

Bella: I totally didn’t see this coming…

Esme: I baked toi this wonderful cake!...
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posted by just_bella
Recap Chapter 2

Once they were settled I had Emmett go help Jasper hang the lights. I had to keep looking out the door and yell at them because the strings were flying at each others heads and I would be really mad if they broke and this didn't turn out the way I planned.

I got everything done for the night, we all sat around and talked until Esme announced that Edward and I better get going if we didn't want to be late for school.

I asked everyone to help get anything that I forgot(yeah right.) Esme a dit that she would emballage, wrap the rest of the presents and Rosalie even offered to help Esme set...
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Chapter 11: The Times They Are a Changin’

“So, toi have an ice house.” I offered. It was a nice house a decent size with beautiful furniture. But it had an empty feel to it. Sienna shrugged, a house and a accueil are two different things she a dit bitterly. Ever since my mother died my father consumes himself with work. My sister Jessica took off after graduation she lives in Buffalo, NY. I was not really close with her we are complete opposites. I guess toi could say my mom was the glue that held this family together”. “How long il y a did she die? I asked. “I was a baby I don’t even...
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posted by kristine_cullen
Warning: This is just coming from me, and was done out of boredom and maybe some motivation. Its just a fiction, so nothing is real. So dont be upset if toi wont find Bella in that story, it wouldnt make sense otherwise. Enjoy.

SideNote: I know that Edward isnt as straight vers l'avant, vers l’avant in the books, and in the suivant chapter he will change. I just wanted Ashley to fall in l’amour with him for the right reasons, instead of being obsessed.

Waking up didnt feel right, being here was somehow strange. I sat up in my bed, stretching and tried to remember what had happened last night. Letting out some low sigh,...
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posted by ktbminnie12
Bella’s POV

    I felt the blackness come over me. My lungs started hurting. I felt like I couldn’t breath. It was really hard. I felt the cold hands hold something over my mouth. I tried to scream, but the hands held something there to muffle my screams. Finally, I passed out. I didn’t know how long it was, but I felt the blackness and numbness going away.
    Suddenly with a jolt, I woke up. I sat up straight and looked around. I didn’t know where I was. It was dark and the only window this room had, had planks on it. I could see through the...
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posted by mikaela_isabela
okay, there is a bad part with edward, but dont worry...they sort it out, so dont freak! enjoy!

I woke up early that morning, the nightmare scaring me awake. This time, I was running through the airport looking for Edward and the Cullen’s and Jacob and the pack. I saw them all heading into the gates, and as I got close to them, the doors slammed shut, locking them away from me.
I heard the phone ring. It stopped so I assumed Charlie answered it. I heard him heading up the stairs. I hid under my blankets pretending to be asleep.
“Hold on, I’ll see if she’s awake.” Charlie murmured quietly....
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OK I know I only write from Bella and Edwards POV but for part of this chapter I had to montrer it from Jacobs please read it.The seconde half is Edwards POV.


I looked at Bella"Why is he here."She looked at me"He`s here for....moral suport.Please sit down Jake I need to talk to you."I sat and I wanted Edward to leave but he sat beside Bella."I l’amour toi Jake toi know that right?"I nodded I sudenly knew what she was talking about and why Edward was hear."Ok as long as toi know that,I don`t want to hurt toi but not doing this is harder.I l’amour toi but I l’amour Edward to.I can`t do this anymore.I...
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