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chapter four
sry for the wait! i was just waiting for some feed back. i don't like écriture plus chapters when i don't know if anyone liked my last one. hope toi like this one.
Jake's POV
Everyone had already pulled me and edward apart before anything went any further.the only thing i could think about was heavenly.
"edward why would toi waste your time fighting off this mutt anyway?" asked blondie.
i couldn't help but let out a growl, she hissed back. everyone was trying to get passed this issue so we could talk about Nessie. why the hell should i even care about her at this point?
"why would toi even bring her here Jake? toi know Nessie would have snapped her in half if she were here!" bella scolded me.
"i don't know why you, nessie, and blondie over here can't stand to see me happy! toi know Bells i really think that toi liked putting me through all of your crap back when toi were human, and now that toi can't, it kills you." i rediculed her.
"you don't know anything jacob!" Edward scowled at me.
"well if i don't know anything then why did esme call me to come talk to nessie?" i asked
"YOU REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT MY DAUGHTER AT ALL DO YOU!?" edward yelled at me. why was i taking any of this crap? i came here to help them.
just then Nessie walked in.
"Why are toi here Jacob?" she asked me. she had really grown a lot. she was almost Heavenly's height. she still had that pretty hair, still not as good as Heavenly's. And she had golden-brown eyes, still a little darker than the rests'.

"I feel really bad about what i did Nessie. i don't want to keep hearing that you're depressed."


"you're right Nessie. obviously i'm not wanted here! i just wanted to help toi out, but what use am i to toi blood suckers anymore? I have Heavenly. and things have been pretty good for once. Ever since i stopped being around toi guys,"

"Jake, that not what i meant, i'm sorry. who's Heavenly?"

"that's ok! but i just want to let all of toi know that suivant time toi need our help. when the Volturi finds another reason to come back, ou when another bloodsucker makes some newborns.... don't count on us. Because i've spent so much time looking out for toi guys, and i've never got a thank-you." the plus i went on. the better i felt.

"Jacob, i'm sorry that we've been so unappreciative, and we're undeserving of your assistance." Esme said.

"It's ok. I'm gonna see toi guys later." i a dit and walked out the door.

"Jake wait.... PLEASE!" i heard Nessie call as i got into my car. Heavenly was already in the passenger seat.

"what did i miss?" i heard Alice say as she walked in the house.

This is the first time i wrote in Jakes POV. tell me what toi think! :)
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This is SO funny! Watch the WHOLE video.
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