personnages de TV féminins My Liste Of Favourites; Who Is Your Favourite? (Not In Order)

Pick one:
Jane Rizzoli [Rizzoli & Isles]
Maura Isles [Rizzoli & Isles]
Piper Halliwell [Charmed]
Emily Prentiss [Criminal Minds]
Stella Bonasera [CSI:NY]
Anya [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
Cordelia Chase [BtVS/Angel]
Lisa Cuddy [House MD]
Juliet O Hara [Psych]
Kate Austen [Lost]
Gwen [Angel]
Penelope Garcia [Criminal Minds]
charlotte York [Sex and the City]
JJ [Criminal Minds]
Lindsay Monroe [CSI:NY]
Wendy Simms [CSI]
Abby Sciuto [NCIS]
Ziva David [NCIS]
Dana Scully [The X Files]
Olivia Dunham [Fringe]
Kate Beckett [Castle]
 Lie_to_Me_123 posted il y a plus d’un an
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