couples de la TV favori polivia scenes,season 3 what's your favorite?[please comment]

Pick one:
"i want what toi want" 3x14
polivia first meet as kids 3x15
polivia car scene 3x16
polivia holding hands 3x16
polivia Kiss in the hallway 3x16
polivia morning scene 3x16
"i have seen what the two of...." 3x14
"this isn't you" scene 3x19
polivia hug 3x19
polivia lit scene 3x21
"i l’amour toi peter" 3x21
"you can do this" 3x21
"and who's that woman over there? olivia" 3x21
polivia children talk 3x22
"i'm fine hone" 3x22
 BONES45 posted il y a plus d’un an
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